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Skaya Art Agency debuts Art Exhibition in ME Dubai by Yana Rusnak to kick off new Art Season


Skaya Art Agency debuts Art Exhibition in ME Dubai by Yana Rusnak to kick off new Art Season

Experience life-affirming energy in the ‘Art in Shades of Gold’ exhibition from Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak’s month-long residency for ME Dubai’s latest Cultural Connections Showcase

Skaya Art Agency has announced the launch of its new art season in collaboration with ME Dubai – the iconic architectural haven designed by the late Zaha Hadid. In celebration of the new season, Skaya Art will present the ‘Art in Shades of Gold’ exhibition by the Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak as part of ME Dubai’s Cultural Connections initiative. Yana’s artwork blends vibrant animalism and abstract elements symbolizing human ambition and life-affirming energy. The exhibition will be hosted in ME Dubai’s Art Gallery area on the 3rd floor and admission is free for the public starting Thursday, 7th September until Monday, 9th October 2023.

“We are pleased to collaborate with ME Dubai and Yana Rusnak to launch our new art season. ME Dubai’s exquisite architecture and Yana’s unique paintings inspire a love of contemporary art and boundless imagination that are ideal for advancing the UAE’s art scene and fostering a deeper appreciation of art,” says Anastasia Kopijevski, Founder and Owner of Skaya Art Agency.

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Born in 1993, Yana is a renowned Ukrainian contemporary artist who brings over 7 years of artistic prowess to ME Dubai with paintings that are allegories to how human emotions and character intertwine with the animal world.

Her work is characterized by the use of bold and geometric shapes, vivid colors and her prominent use of triangles which symbolize various concepts like balance, harmony, tension, conflict, integration, subjectivity, manifestation, lightening and ascension. The sharp angles and dynamic lines of each triangle create a sense of movement and energy, conveying celestial radiance and nature. Yana’s triangle symbol is also inseparable from the number three denoting symmetry, understanding and the birth of true wisdom.

Yana’s paintings include the colours of two precious metals: Gold and Silver. Silver symbolizes the colour of the moon and signifies values of innocence, purity and mercy. Whereas Gold represents splendor, the radiance of the sun, and the highly valuable quality of non-deterioration. By utilizing the best traditions of contemporary animalism to create a ‘Dialogue with the Universe’ she alludes to the elements of music, light, nature and the galaxy revealing glimpses of human aspirations and life-affirming energy. Moreover, each of Yana’s masterpieces also contain a precious gold nugget reflecting her intricate artistry.

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Yana’s artwork has experienced international appeal being held in private collections worldwide and in commercial buildings in Miami, New-Delhi, Cairo, Beirut, Moscow, Riyadh, Kiev, London, and Geneva. Her work has also received popularity in the UAE having been exhibited at various hotels, galleries and previous editions of World Art Dubai.

Yana’s month-long residency at ME Dubai will be complemented by the hotel’s awe-inspiring architecture and interior design, forming an aesthetic collaboration. Visitors, and art aficionados are invited to revitalize their energy within the sanctuary of ME Dubai. They can explore the hotel’s creative spaces and fulfil their imaginative desires in the ‘Art in Shades of Gold’ exhibition.

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Exhibition Information:

  • Exhibition Dates: Thursday 7th September – Monday 9th October 2023 (Free-to-attend and open to the general public)
  • Exhibition Timings: All day
  • Venue: 3rd floor (Art Gallery Area) of The Opus by Omniyat, ME Dubai Hotel, Al Amal Street, Business Bay, Dubai

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