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Ideal Standard Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day with Artistic Flair


Ideal Standard Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day with Artistic Flair

An exuberant evening unfolded with the talented Emirati Artist Narjes Noureddine, who conducted a live painting session in celebration of the achievements of Emirati women

Ideal Standard, the leading provider of innovative bathroom solutions, recently hosted a successful event celebrating Emirati Women’s Day, on August 23rd. Taking place at Ideal Standard Dubai Design & Specification Centre, located in the City Walk area of Dubai, it showcased an exciting evening of artistic expression.

Emirati Women’s Day, observed annually on August 28th, pays tribute to the accomplishments and contributions of women in the UAE. Ideal Standard is honoured to have hosted this special event, dedicated to recognising and applauding the significant impact of Emirati women in shaping the culture of the UAE. The occasion bore witness to the exceptional talent of Narjes Noureddine, a distinguished Emirati artist known for her expressive Arabic calligraphy art.

The evening unfolded against the backdrop of Ideal Standard Dubai Design & Specification Centre, designed by the renowned Italian designer Roberto Palomba of Palomba Serafini Associati. The new vast facility offers a unique experience both from the inside and the outside for its varied visitors, with the windows attracting and inspiring to explore the design-driven space. Similar to Narjes’ integration of calligraphy into diverse art forms, the centre provides architects and designers with a platform to customise bathroom solutions, supported by an experienced team of professionals.

Throughout the evening, Narjes, an accomplished and well renowned Arabic calligrapher, showcased her artistic talents through a live painting session. Narjes’ journey through the intricate strokes of calligraphy resonates with Ideal Standard’s own meticulous attention to detail in crafting bathroom solutions. This synergy between artistry and functionality echoed throughout the event space, exemplifying Ideal Standard’s continued commitment to design excellence.

Ideal Standard believes that combining design and performance is paramount for true excellence. Their mission revolves around seamlessly integrating these vital elements to craft an impressive array of products and solutions. Renowned worldwide for its innovative approach to bathroom solutions, Ideal Standard masterfully blends aesthetics with functionality. The company’s versatile product line is a testament to its commitment, showcasing an array of cutting-edge designs that redefine industry standards.

This event witnessed a convergence of artistry and innovation, which underscores Ideal Standard’s commitment to the UAE community. A resounding success for all in attendance, Ideal Standard aims to continue in their pursuit of design and innovation excellence while remaining connected to the culture and intricacies of the UAE community.

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