UAE-based tech start-up Seez set to expand to new markets in Europe


UAE-based tech start-up Seez set to expand to new markets in Europe

  • Following strong growth in the Middle East, Denmark and Italy, Seez is set to utilize fresh multi-million dollar investments from latest bridge funding round to enter new markets in Europe with expanded AI-powered digital auto retail solutions
  • Growth strategy founded on pivot from consumer-facing car listings to a focus on providing powerful digital solutions for car dealers, importers and manufacturers
  • Advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products support car retailers’ rapid shift to digitally-driven ‘omnichannel’ sales and marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology uses data to help dealers identify and engage customers more effectively, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and more sales

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider Seez, is embarking on an expansive growth strategy after completing a bridge funding round.

 Having secured customers for its suite of AI-driven products in a first wave of markets – Denmark, Italy, and across the Middle East – the Dubai-based tech start-up is now aiming to launch in multiple new markets in Europe.

The company has harnessed the experience and expertise gained in developing a highly successful consumer-facing car sales marketplace to launch powerful digital retail solutions for car dealers, importers and manufacturers’ sales operations. The fresh investment will also sustain rapid development of an expanding range of advanced AI-powered solutions. 

Originally launched as an online vehicle marketplace, the latest bridge round supported Seez to pivot to developing and packaging digital solutions that enables automotive retailers to embrace and profit from new trends in car buyer behaviour.

 A modular SaaS platform helps car manufacturers’ national sales companies, dealers and importers to more effectively list, market and sell their vehicles, allowing them to offer car buyers an ‘omnichannel’ purchase process. AI-driven technology harnesses data and user behaviour to more quickly and effectively guide and engage them through their car buying journey. The result is both a superior customer experience and a greater conversion to both online and offline sales.

To offer a seamless user experience, Seez partners with established finance and insurance providers to help streamline the back-end process for the retailer, and the car buying process for customers.

 The portfolio of modules offered by Seez includes:

  • SeezClick: a digital buying tool that enables customers to explore a dealer’s inventory and buy cars via a single easy-to-use platform. AI technology delivers a slick, guided user experience presenting cars according to user’s preferences and search patterns. Access to finance and insurance products is integrated.
  • SeezPad: an advanced CRM and inventory management platform that enables dealers to track orders, manage leads, schedule test drives, and complete vehicle trade-ins and valuations.
  • SeezNitro: back-end AI and Machine Learning technology that helps sales teams optimise inventory and enhance customer engagement by automatically scoring each car’s attractiveness for the probability of a sale, setting pricing based on market factors, and predicting trade-in values and depreciation trends. Customers are ranked on their likelihood to purchase.
  • Seezar: a ChatGPT interface that uses advanced AI to offer customers a conversational interface, provide expert advice and answer complex queries.
  • SeezBoost: an AI-powered platform that helps retailers drive their marketing by generating dynamic online adverts for their inventory, providing personalised recommendations to consumers, with advanced analytics to assess campaign performance.

Tarek Kabrit, founder and CEO at Seez, said: “The recent economic slowdown has seen investor funding stall for many start-ups. The additional funding we have secured from our investors demonstrates their long-term commitment to Seez, and enables us to launch our transformative products into further markets, as well as continuing to develop our existing solutions and create exciting new tools. 

“The automotive retail landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. While many dealers continue to rely on fragmented systems, our world-first AI-led solutions are instead enabling them, and their customers, to benefit from a cohesive digital marketplace. Ultimately, we’re committed to supporting more automotive retailers in more territories to succeed in the omnichannel motor retail sector today and in the future.”     

Seez had previously raised more than US$14.2 million in investment, and was recently named as one of the top 50 start-ups to emerge from within the GCC region.

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