Michael Kors Collection Fall/Winter 2023



This just in: This season serves as an ode to the rule-breaking spirit that has characterized Greenwich Village for decades.

Proportion play, in the form of long sweeping coats and dramatic capes paired with leggy dresses, skirts and shorts, feels both covered up and revealing.

Slashes, slits, and body-conscious knits frame the body, while hip-slung belts shift the eye.

Sleek, glamorous jumpsuits make the case for a new kind of evening. The rich palette ranges from graphite and charcoal to warm tones of chocolate and chestnut, mixed with monochrome moments of merlot and forest.

“For this collection, I was really thinking about the things that influenced me when I was coming of age in the ‘70s—the women who influenced me, the neighborhood that influenced me, and the combination of big city glamour and bohemia that I found in Greenwich Village at that time,” says Michael Kors

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