The most unique Iftar settings this Ramadan


The most unique Iftar settings this Ramadan

Break Your Fast At Amelia Restaurant and Lounge This Ramadan

Amelia Restaurant and Lounge is extending a warm invitation to guests seeking to break their fasts during Ramadan with a specially curated set menu, promising a memorable dining experience.

The AED 295 Per Person set menu offers diners a mix of shared Ensaladas and Aperitivos for the table, as well as crowd favourites for the mains such as; Corn Fed Baby Chicken, Machu Picchu Grain-fed Australian Wagyu, Miso Black Cod sprinkled with almonds flakes, or Australian Lamb Chops with Teppanyaki vegetables.

Guests are encouraged to visit the retro futuristic steampunk inspired restaurant and travel through a culinary journey born of Japanese & Peruvian origins this Ramadan.

Amelia Dubai’s Iftar Set Menu features a unique range of flavours that encompass the Nikkei cuisine, including exotic elements such as; Chulpe, Plantain, Togarashi, Wild Thyme, Yuzu Kosho, Daikon, Shitaake, Coconut Chili, and Miso Honey. This meld of flavours is sure to tantalise guests’ senses and transport them with each bite.

Amelia Restaurant and Lounge’s plush surroundings sing to the tune of retro steampunk, lock into the mechanical era and enter the venue of vintage and artistic memorabilia. This extraordinary establishment invites patrons to embark on a culinary expedition through time.

Featuring a haute cuisine journey created for the adventurous foodie citizens of the UAE, the Iftar menu is a curated gastronomic affair featuring Nikkei Cuisine, a mix of Peruvian taste and inspiration alongside Japanese precision and technique.

Throughout the meal, Amelia Dubai’s signature sounds, an organic mixture of Ethnic, Melodic and Afro House soundscapes will play throughout the evening and into the night creating an exciting atmosphere for all diners.

Amelia Restaurant and Lounge’s unique Iftar set menu is a sensational marriage of precision cooking and thrilling flavours, it is only available to diners during the month of Ramadan, from Sunset to 9pm.

Be sure to book your table ahead of time to ensure availability.

Dine Under the Stars: Zenon’s Exclusive Iftar Menu Unveiled

This March, Zenon invites you to experience an extraordinary Iftar celebration under the stars. Guests can enjoy their first meal of the day under the stars in the open air terrace, or indoors surrounded by high definition screens showcasing unique celestial art.

Zenon’s curated Iftar menu brings together the rich flavours of Mediterranean cuisine infused with Asian elements. Zenon’s culinary team, led by the talented Executive Chef Lorenzo Buccarini has crafted an exclusive Iftar menu that promises to be a feast for the senses.

Available to diners from Sunset to 9pm, the AED 295 per person menu will be available daily throughout the month of Ramadan. Diners will start their meal with nutrient rich dates and olives. The hand curated menu unfolds with an option of traditional lentil or tofu soup, which is then followed by a selection of Mezze that includes Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, and Tzatziki, or a selection of Tomato Salad with Stracciatella, pine nuts and basil.

For their main course, diners will have a choice of Kibbeh-Bulgur and mince beef kofte, burnt eggplant in a soy miso glaze with feta mousse confit tomato, Poached Sea Bass fillet with tomato, olive, and caper sauce, or a Begendi – served with milk feed lamb stew and potatoes. Diners will then be treated to a selection of pastries for dessert including, Baklava, Kunefe, and Kadaifi.

“Our goal is to provide diners with a nutritious and delicious meal that will aid in recovering their strength while tantalising their senses.” Said Executive Chef Lorenzo Buccarini.

To add a touch of artistry to the dining experience, Zenon will showcase entrancing celestial and star dedicated artworks on the high-definition screens, creating a visual feast to complement guests’ first meal of the day.

Book your table now for an unforgettable Iftar experience that transcends artistic borders and captivates the senses with unforgettable flavours. Immerse yourself in the culinary magic of Zenon this Ramadan.

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