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The Kusnacht Practice: The new BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme: tailor-made to turn back the clock on biological ageing


The Kusnacht Practice: The new BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme: tailor-made to turn back the clock on biological ageing

The Kusnacht Practice, the world’s most exclusive and private treatment centre, is excited to announce its new BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme. Through a holistic and science-based approach, the programme addresses the impact of ageing on women’s health – from internal bodily functions to mental and emotional wellbeing and the tell-tale outward signs of ageing. Tailor-made for each client, the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme delivers sustainable changes that can literally turn back the clock on biological ageing.

Depending on each client’s current state and desired outcomes, the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme brings renewed energy, a greater sense of physical and emotional balance, sharper cognitive capabilities and a fresher, younger physical appearance; it can also help to reverse symptoms of imbalance such as unhealthy weight gain or loss, sleep disorders and muscle loss; and it will instil new and sustainable eating, exercising and lifestyle habits designed to promote greater healthspan. As a result, the programme also reduces the risk of chronic and lifestyle-induced diseases including diabetes, thyroid diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Fundamental to The Kusnacht Practice’s approach to longevity is the promotion of healthspan, rather than simply lifespan. On average, in the Western world women live five years longer than men and yet spend 19 years in poor health, compared to 15 years for men.  Women have historically been under-represented in medical research, particularly in relation to hormonal balance – which is crucial to both lifespan and healthspan – and the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme addresses this at its core.

Delivered as an intensive two-week treatment programme, either on a residential basis or in a day-clinic setting, the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme is offered in Zurich and Geneva. Residential clients stay in one of The Kusnacht Practice’s luxurious lakeside villas or penthouse apartment, guaranteeing absolute privacy, peace and security as well at the utmost comfort.

The two-week intensive programme is preceded by a comprehensive testing protocol that provides the basis for each client’s bespoke treatment plan. As clients return to daily life after the intensive treatment phase, they are supported by an ongoing BIO-R® membership that includes monitoring, re-testing and fine-tuning the programme according to their lifestyle, and a BIO-R® Recharge session twice a year.

A holistic treatment programme like no other

“What sets the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme apart is that it focuses on the specific health requirements of women and is entirely tailor-made for each client. Most importantly, it is based on an exceptional depth and breadth of testing to determine the precise needs of each individual,” says Dr. med. Verena Immer, the specialist who runs the programme. “At The Kusnacht Practice, we have understood the fundamental importance of hormonal balance to human health – an area that, historically has not received the attention that it merits, especially when it comes to optimising the power of hormones at every stage of a woman’s life. Driven by this, the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme enables women to reverse ageing at the source level, rather than merely addressing symptoms of ageing.”

The pre-treatment testing protocol is a 360-degree evaluation of the client’s hormonal and metabolic state, incorporating in-depth laboratory-based analysis, also taking into account genetics and the epigenetic factors that have a major influence on internal state, including lifestyle, environment, habits and psychological state.

This enables The Kusnacht Practice’s interdisciplinary team of 10+ specialists to determine how best to address the underlying source of each client’s age-related issues and develop the tailor-made programme that will deliver the optimum results for every individual.

With a laser-focus on rebalancing hormones and metabolic function, the treatment protocol may include bespoke infusions, specialised supplementation, cutting-edge Oxygen Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Cryotherapy, tailored nutrition and movement programmes and much more. Complementing this – and anchored in the belief that looking our best helps us to feel good – these treatments are complemented by the BIO-R® Facial and Hair Art programme that reveals the client’s true beauty and restores a more youthful appearance.

Why hormones matter

Far beyond the well-known ‘female hormones’ oestrogen and progesterone, more than 50 hormones control and coordinate every aspect of our body’s health – from brain function, emotional balance and sleep quality to gut health, metabolism, appetite, weight control, muscle strength, bone density, skin and hair quality, sexual and reproductive health – and more.

As women age, critical life stages – from puberty to pregnancy, birth and menopause – naturally bring tremendous hormonal changes. Moreover, today’s world brings added stresses that impact hormones and accelerate ageing, such as work-related burnout or the transition from professional life to retirement, while hormone disruptors are ubiquitous – from environmental pollutants to plastics, pesticides, food packaging and personal care products. Very small hormonal imbalances can trigger significant responses in our body, hence the value of The Kusnacht Practice’s focus of this area as a pillar of its anti-ageing protocols.

Through the BIO-R® Female Health Blueprint programme, The Kusnacht Practice focuses on condi­tions and health challenges that are primary associated with women but are often neglected. The aim is to empower women to take control of their own health narrative through education and information that provides deeper understanding of health patterns, thus enabling them to extend their healthspan.






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