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The H Dubai Introduces a ‘Giving Box’ for Preloved Items in Partnership with Thrift for Good


The H Dubai Introduces a ‘Giving Box’ for Preloved Items in Partnership with Thrift for Good

The H Dubai Introduces a ‘Giving Box’ at its Lobby to Collect Preloved Items in Partnership with Thrift for Good, Expanding its Commitment to Sustainability 

The new collection box is a tangible symbol of The H Dubai’s ongoing efforts to promote responsible practices and help communities

The final proceeds from the collected items will go to support education in Uganda for children in need

H Dubai

The H Dubai, a renowned 5-star hotel in the heart of Dubai, is pleased to announce its first collection box to take preloved items from guests. Named the “Giving Box”, this installation is a result of the hotel’s recent partnership with Thrift for Good, a thrift shop centred around giving back to society and supporting children worldwide. This initiative aligns with The H Dubai’s efforts to promote sustainability and social causes, showing its commitment to being as green as possible in its operations. 

Based in Dubai, Thrift for Good is a community-driven thrift shop chain that focuses on reducing waste and helping underprivileged children. Committed to zero waste, Thrift for Good rehomes everything that comes through its doors, along with repairing and recycling items, especially clothes. The thrift shop currently has two stores in Dubai open 7 days a week to sell preloved items, and their vision is to create a sustainable world where everyone has what they need to thrive.

Located at the centre of the hotel’s lobby, the Giving Box is a 2m x 2m green cubic container featuring 2 slots to drop items. The purpose of the box is to collect preloved, non-valuable, unclaimed, lost & found items that guests may leave behind after their stay. The Giving Box also encourages others to voluntarily come and give their preloved items, fostering a culture of reducing waste, helping the environment, and giving back.

Thrift for Good accepts various types of items that can be rehomed, including clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, books, and technology. Thrift for Good does not accept furniture, toys, large home appliances, sports equipment, and other similar items. The collected goods will be organised, classified, and given to Thrift for Good. The thrift shop will use the proceeds from the collections to support the Kisoro Children’s Foundation in Uganda, which is an organisation that exists to help build schools, create educational programmes, fund scholarships, and many other initiatives to help people in need.

The H Dubai has long been at the forefront of championing sustainability and responsible practices. The hotel has earned plenty of accolades that reflect its attentiveness to the environment and inclusive hospitality, including the Green Key Certification by the Emirates Green Building Council, a leading standard for environmental responsibility in the tourism industry, and a certification from the Autism Center™, making The H Dubai the first hotel in the city to earn such prestigious recognition. With the new Giving Box installation, the hotel aims to further enhance its impact on the world, reinforcing its dedication to fostering positive change through sustainable initiatives.

For more information on The H Dubai’s sustainable and social impact, please visit https://www.hhoteldubai.com/sustainability-and-csr/. 

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