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The Beautiful AI Revolution: Latest Global Trend Report by Perfect Corp. Reveals the Top Generative AI Trends in Beauty and Fashion


The Beautiful AI Revolution: Latest Global Trend Report by Perfect Corp. Reveals the Top Generative AI Trends in Beauty and Fashion

The latest trend report highlights the newest advances in Perfect Corp.’s Beautiful AI by utilizing Gen AI and how AI innovation transforms beauty, fashion, and your everyday life.

Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp., the ‘Beautiful AI’ tech solutions provider, today released the newest Global Trend Report: “The Power of Generative AI in Beauty and Fashion”, providing brands with insightful analysis on the rise of Generative AI in the beauty and fashion industries. The report analyzes big data sourced from Perfect Corp.’s award-winning YouCam suite of apps, introducing a series of immersive and interactive ‘Beautiful AI’ features powered by cutting-edge Gen AI technology. The findings highlight the power of Gen AI technology in creating captivating beauty and fashion experiences while also identifying the major ways consumers digitally access inspiration and the top Gen AI trends that are set to transform the beauty and fashion industries in 2024 and beyond.

The report focuses on top global markets including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan. Download Perfect Corp.’s newest trend report “The Power of Generative AI in Beauty and Fashion”, click here.

A Fusion of Beauty and AI: Powering an Intuitive and Fun Customer Journey with Digital Innovations

With the introduction of Perfect Corp.’s newest ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations powered with Gen AI, users of the YouCam suite of apps can take beauty and fashion inspiration to exciting new heights. The new Gen AI app experiences include:

  • AI Fashion, which allows app users to try on various fashion styles virtually
  • AI Magic Avatar, which allows app users to create hyper-realistic digital twins
  • AI Hairstyle, which allows users to visualize new hairstyles in ultra-personalized ways
  • AI Selfie, which allows app users to transform everyday photos and selfies into works of art
  • YouCam AI Pro, which allows app users to generate high-quality AI art from text prompts

Key Insights from the Gen AI Trend Report reveal:

  1. Interest in Casual Fashion Surges: App users sought out the Gen AI fashion experience to access style inspiration for their day-to-day lives. Casual fashion styles emerged as the most popular look in many regions, aligning with the larger shift towards athleisure in the post-pandemic world. 
  2. Long, 90s-Inspired Hairstyles Are Most Popular: App users leveraged the Gen AI hairstyle experience to access inspiration for their next hair transformation. In 2023, the data revealed that long hairstyles and 90s-inspired looks were the most popular hair looks to try on in many regions.
  3. Consumers Express Creativity with Fantasy Digital Avatars: App users sought out the AI Magic Avatar experience to express their creativity with Gen AI, creating ultra-personalized digital twins. Across the world, fantasy and royal-themed avatars were the most popular themes.
  4. In the future, Gen AI will be key for enhanced virtual try-on experiences: Looking to the future, the report suggests that Generative AI will elevate virtual try-on experiences in beauty, taking realism to new heights.
  5. Gen AI will be essential for personalization in beauty and fashion: Moreover, Generative AI has demonstrated an ability to personalize the shopping experience like never before, greatly enhancing and simplifying the shopper journey. With this technology, consumers will be able to visualize various hairstyles, fashion looks, and beauty trends in hyper-personalized ways.

Enhancing the Consumer Experience with Beautiful and Immersive Generative AI

“With ‘Beautiful AI’, we are transforming the world with digital tech innovations that make your world beautiful. It is exciting to share our newest global trend report highlighting the powerful impact Generative AI will have in the world of beauty and fashion retail,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang, “The possibilities for Generative AI are limitless, and as we look to the future, Gen AI is making the customer journey easier and more fun for both consumers and brands.

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