Make Mina’s Wharf your catch of the day every Friday at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina 

There’s something going on at Mina’s Kitchen and it’s a new brainchild from renowned chef, Nick Alvis. Launching on Friday 24th November, Mina’s Wharf is a weekly seafood feast celebrating everything about the Great British seaside, with plenty of nostalgia, tons of incredible fresh fish dishes and premium beverage options to ease you into the weekend.  

Every detail has been taken care of to evoke the sights, smells and, most importantly, tastes of everything we know and love about the pebbled beaches, amusement arcades and piers of the unique British coastline. From classic fish ‘n’ chips eaten out of a tray with a wooden fork, to smoked salmon and mackerel and fresh pots of mussels with crusty bread, all the way to candyfloss, sticks of rock and knickerbocker glory, the selection is ideal for the whole family to enjoy every Friday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Here’s what to look out for:
If you find yourself craving a ‘chippy tea’ on a Friday – think soggy chip shop chips and battered cod served with pickled onions, curry sauce and mushy peas – The Chippy station is one that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

But those who want something a little bit different can choose from a range of batter mixes ranging from Cajun to beer-battered to Chinese five-spice. You can also choose the type of fish you want and enjoy a variety of sides such as triple cooked chips, crispy baby potatoes or crushed edamame with sesame to go with it. Is your mouth watering yet?

The Smokery is a great place to start your evening with small bites and appetising salads all featuring smoked fish with fresh complimentary flavours. Then fill up your plate at the Crustacean Counter with creative, colourful salads and get messy (in the best possible way) with fresh shellfish such as crab, lobster and shrimp.

One of the highlights at Mina’s Wharf is the outdoor wood-fired barbecue station which offers an abundance of fresh fish and seafood all on display for you to choose from and paired with fresh farmer’s salads. Grilled to order, choose from lobster, whole seabass, calamari, octopus, red snapper and so much more. You choose the fish, the chef cooks the fish, you eat the fish. Simple and delicious.   

Pass by The Mussel Pot for freshly steamed mussels with a choice of traditional and more contemporary flavours served up with a fresh crusty baguette. While the fresh steamed seafood counter has got you covered if you’re looking for a range of creative sauces to go with your catch of the day whether that’s prawns, crabs or lobster. And a seafood feast also wouldn’t be complete without oysters. Head to the Oyster Shack counter to choose simple accompaniments and fresh mixes to make your oysters sing. 

The Orient Express is where you’ll find prawns, crab, squid and more moulded into won tons, spring rolls, noodles and other Asian delicacies. Wok fried lobster and sweet and sour prawn balls are also amongst the signature dishes.  

A well-stocked Bakery features fresh sourdoughs, pretzels and rolls as well as tuna and sweetcorn focaccia, a squid ink roll and other tasty options, while The Salad Boat focuses on fresh produce and vegetables to offer variety and colour to your plate.   

Finally, no visit to the seaside is complete without a trip down The Pier for soft serve ice cream. There’s also a fruit crumble bar and so much more to get that sugar high.

Chef Nick Alvis said: “With the successful launch of The Roast by Bubbalicious and our midweek Mina’s Market, we are tapping into what guest’s miss the most about being back home in Blighty, as well showing our international guests the true gastronomic delights and traditions of Great Britain. With Mina’s Wharf we are excited to transport guests to the seaside with a mix of traditional and contemporary flavours.”

Mina’s Kitchen with its distinctive interior features airy high ceilings, colonial style décor and a spacious outdoor terrace to enjoy in the cooler weather. The island bar sits in centre of the restaurant overlooking the entertainment space.

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