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Support For A Stress Free Pregnancy From Antenatal To Postpartum Care At Dr Mariam Awatai Clinic.


Support For A Stress Free Pregnancy From Antenatal To Postpartum Care At Dr Mariam Awatai Clinic.

The healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates is among the best in the world. According to a 23,500-person survey, 77% of UAE citizens think the country’s healthcare system is excellent. Residents of the UAE continue to express their trust in the nation’s healthcare system with belief that medical staff members take exceptional care of their patients. In Dubai in particular, residents have access to a variety of facilities for pregnancy care and selecting the appropriate healthcare provider is extremely important.

The Dr. Mariam Awatai Clinic is a flourishing state-of-the-art specialty clinic that offers women  high quality, tailored and personalized obstetrics and gynecological care within a welcoming and relaxing environment. The clinic also ensures comprehensive care from adolescence through to menopause with an extensive range of services provided. Antenatal and postnatal care, which is offered as essential services to women, is one of the clinic’s strengths and ensures that expectant mothers feel supported during the entirety of their pregnancy.

A patient can expect full comprehensive care from the moment they fall pregnant, including monitoring maternal wellbeing, checking on the baby’s development, screening tests, planning and preparation for labor and delivery, and creating a birth plan. The clinic will offer all the information required, together with regular checkups, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth for both mother and baby.

The clinic also guarantees the patient receives six weeks postnatal support from the senior midwife after the baby is delivered. The patient will receive guidance for maintaining both mother and baby health as well as assistance with nursing.

Dr Mariam Awatai Clinic understands the importance of affordable care and allows for an option to choose an inclusive package for both antenatal and postnatal care. This covers up to 10 antenatal visits, ultrasound scans, blood tests, postnatal care and much more for AED 4000-7000. The clinic’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr Mariam Awatai, with 31 years of experience in both Obstetrics and Gynecology, mentions “At Dr. Mariam Awatai Clinic FZ- LLC, women trust our experienced hands to deliver their bundle of joy”.

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, Dr Mariam Awatai Clinic has won over 12 awards and upholds thoroughness, dedication and compassion in all work that is performed.

Looking to book an appointment in or learn more about Dr Mariam Awatai Clinic, visit the website here: www.drmariamawatai.com

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