Supermodel and Impact Investor Natalia Vodianova Partners With Angel Cakes in Ambition to Build a Globally Recognized Wellness Brand


Supermodel and Impact Investor Natalia Vodianova Partners With Angel Cakes in Ambition to Build a Globally Recognised Wellness Brand

Insightful fireside chat with Angel Cakes Founders, Dima Tutkov and Alina Tutkova, disclosed Natalia’s personal journey from the runway to investing

Renowned supermodel, impact investor, and United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador, Natalia Vodianova, took centre stage at an exclusive event in Dubai hosted by Angel Cakes, a UAE-based chain of cafés that are dedicated to serving gluten-free and refined sugar-free desserts and breakfasts. The organic, health-focused cafés, founded by Dima Tutkov and Alina Tutkova, played host to an insightful fireside chat featuring Natalia’s perspectives on entrepreneurship and impact investing. As a serial angel investor and investor in Angel Cakes Natalia brought a wealth of wisdom to the discussion. 

Angel Cakes has become a culinary sensation across the UAE, with branches in Dubai Mall, Bluewaters, Yas Mall and the Address Grand Residence and additional locations in the pipeline. Furthermore, the brand has plans for expansion into other Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait in 2024.

During the fireside chat, Natalia covered pivotal aspects of entrepreneurship. From overcoming challenges to seizing opportunities, her talk provided valuable insights into the world of business. Dima Tutkov and Alina Tutkova offered their unique perspectives on Angel Cakes remarkable journey. The duo shared insights into the route to success, creating an engaging dialogue on building a thriving business in the health-conscious culinary landscape.

Vodianova, said: “Empowering entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, not only drives economic growth but also fosters a more inclusive and innovative society. Through my varied roles, I’ve learned that resilience and adaptability are key to navigating the dynamic landscape of business.”

Co-founder Alina Tutkova also provided her insights, emphasising the importance of healthy eating, especially in the face of rising noncommunicable diseases. “As a female entrepreneur, promoting healthy eating and wellness is not just a business mission but a societal responsibility. Our choices impact not only our individual well-being but also contribute to building a healthier community,” said Tutkova.

As part of the event, Angel Cakes introduced an irresistible dessert of which the proceeds will contribute to the Naked Heart Foundation. Founded by Vodianova in 2004, the Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that provides support services for families and young adults with special needs. 

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