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Institut Esthederm Unveils the Secret to Longevity with Age Proteom™


Institut Esthederm Unveils the Secret to Longevity with Age Proteom™

**Discover the breakthrough age management solution backed by 40 years of research on cell longevity**

What if your skin aged twice slower? A groundbreaking collaboration between Jean-Noël Thorel (founder of NAOS Company, the visionary behind renowned skincare brands such as Institut Esthederm, Bioderma and Etat Pur), and Professor Miroslav Radman (genetician, and founder of MedILS), led to a remarkable scientific breakthrough in cell longevity by identifying the main biological cause of skin aging. The collaboration led to NAOS’s R&D teams developing one of the most innovative biotechnologies in terms of cell longevity. NAOS now presents the Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum, a revolutionary serum that promises to slow down the aging process like never before.

When Two Scientists Driven By The Same Passion For Life Meet

Since the 2000s, Jean-Noël Thorel has shared the vision and research of Prof. Miroslav Radman, who specializes in cell longevity applied to age-related diseases (diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Charcot, etc.). While studying quasi-immortal microorganisms capable of regenerating ad infinitum, even under extreme circumstances (radiation, temperature, etc.), Prof. Radman discovered that the secret of their longevity doesn’t depend on the integrity of their DNA but on the resilience of their proteome (complete set of proteins) which is protected by specific molecules—antioxidant chaperones, genuine biological shields.

Proteins are at the origin of skin aging, as the epidermis and the dermis are made of proteins such as elastin or collagen. They are also at the heart of cell life, such as DNA repair proteins. Protecting the integrity of its proteome in the long term will help preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

AGE PROTEOMTM Advanced Serum: The Cell Longevity Serum

With time and harsh external factors, proteins break down and all our cellular mechanisms slow down. Age Proteom™ is the only product capable of protecting this proteome: it tackles aging at its very source. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on DNA integrity, Age Proteom™ leverages the resilience of antioxidant chaperone molecules derived from a quasi-immortal microorganism.

This cutting-edge, patented biotechnology, developed by NAOS’s advanced research team, effectively preserves, and strengthens the skin’s proteome, resulting in visibly transformed skin. The skin ages twice slower, and all signs of aging are visibly and lastingly improved after just one month.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the remarkable efficacy of Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum. After just 1 month of use*, participants experienced a visible transformation in their skin’s radiance, firmness, and overall appearance(radiance, wrinkles, firmness, evenness and density). Better protected, the skin recovers more quickly and looks regenerated. After 1 month*, the

correction of signs of aging intensifies and is durably prolonged. After 6 months*, the results achieved are 4 times greater than the results after 2 months.

Age Proteom™ is an ultra-sensory formula with a serum-milk texture that is suitable for all skin types, and offers a comprehensive approach to anti-aging, restoring firmness, tone, radiance, evenness, and density.

Priced at AED 472, Age Proteom™ is available to purchase in the UAE at leading pharmacies and online at Basaharacare, First Cry and Noon.

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