Stylish, but on a budget? Yes, Please! – Sweaters, Tank Tops, and More


Stylish, but on a budget? Yes, Please! - Sweaters, Tank Tops, and More

The desire to keep up with fast-changing fashion trends is more irresistible than ever. It can be challenging to balance maintaining a chic look and staying practical. How does one achieve an affordable, timeless, and fashionable wardrobe?

OVS has shared its top five staple pieces, key ingredients for achieving sartorial elegance on a budget.

  • Cardigans and Pullovers: These pieces are a must during this season. But more than a seasonal need, cardigans and pullovers elevate any outfit because they are traditionally associated with the preppy aesthetic.
  • Crew Neck T-shirts: This can be a canvas for any outfit with multiple layers and pairs with any bottom. What’s more exciting is that it emulates the modern minimalist and quiet luxury movements.
  • Satin Shirts: Satin always leaves an unforgettable memory. It may be because of its luxe look and feel. In any case, it makes for an indispensable wardrobe piece.
  • Woven Dresses: Dresses continue to be part of capsule wardrobes because of their versatility. A woven dress is a medium that can be elevated by accessorising or layering. But leaving it as is, a woven dress is an easy option for everyday fashion.
  • Denim Jeans: These are a well-loved essential pair of bottoms amongst women. Its ability to pair effortlessly with any top and shoes and its compatibility with any activity and location make it a clear, practical statement piece.

Styling consciously does not mean compromising on the look. By choosing pieces made of the finest materials and envisioned by experts, anyone can curate a wardrobe that screams ‘practical, functional and creative chic’.

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