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Smart Salem Kicks off New Year with Samsung Partnership to Promote Wellness


Smart Salem Kicks off New Year with Samsung Partnership to Promote Wellness

UAE residents who book a medical fitness visa test or wellness package at Smart Salem throughout January 2024 will receive up to AED 200 off on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Smart Salem, the UAE’s leading one-stop shop and high-tech medical fitness and wellness provider today announced a partnership with Samsung Gulf Electronics to help enable UAE residents in achieving their health and wellness goals for 2024.

This partnership plays a key role in Smart Salem’s recently introduced campaign, “New Year, New Me”. Aligned with the widely popular resolution people make to enhance their health and wellness at the beginning of the year, Smart Salem is offering UAE residents exclusive discounts of up to AED 200 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6.

Smart Salem advocates for the community’s health and wellness and offers executive wellness services as part of its diversification strategy this year, emphasizing the importance of community-wide wellness awareness. Customers can upgrade medical fitness appointments to include comprehensive wellness screening or book separately, from Vitamin Profiles to vital organ profiling, with premium packages offering a consultation with a doctor.

UAE residents can take advantage of the Smart Salem services and Samsung discounts by booking a Medical Fitness test or Premium Wellness package online and visiting one of Smart Salem’s flagship centers: Dubai Knowledge Park, Index Tower, or City Walk, throughout January. Walk-in appointments also qualify for the discount.

The use of wearable health devices, including fitness trackers, Smartwatches, Smart bracelets and even Smart rings, have grown popular in recent years, with approximately 45 percent of GCC residents claiming wearable tech is an effective way to monitor their personal health. The devices, which enable people to track their daily steps, set goals, track their activity, track their sleep, and monitor vital health, are also popular for motivation for users to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Amanda Gravitis, CEO of Smart Salem, commented: “We are delighted to be kicking off 2024 by celebrating yet another key milestone in our journey towards improving health and wellness in the UAE. We are proud of this partnership with Samsung Gulf Electronics and we hope it will help the community to become more aware of their overall wellness and equip them to achieve their goals.

Smart Salem combines a luxury experience with the convenience of a one-stop shop by guaranteeing medical fitness testing completion results in 30 minutes six days.

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