Interview with Julie Mallon Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep


Interview with Julie Mallon Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep

Julie Mallon

Founder and Senior Sleep Consultant

A UK qualified nurse, midwife, and health visitor currently registered with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute, Julie qualified to be a Sleep Coach through The Gentle Sleep Coach Program (the most extensive professional sleep coach training and certification program available).

She is a highly-qualified professional with over 30 years of experience, an author of the recently launched children’s book “Where is Blue Bird?” and podcast host of ‘Sleepless in Dubai’ plus actress in the award-nominated documentary “ In a Heartbeat.”

Qualified both as a Gentle Sleep Coach and a Sleep Consultant with the international Parenting and maternity insights.

How do you specifically tailor your approach to help working mums and businesswomen improve their sleep?

In the dynamic and fast-paced environment of Dubai, my tailored sleep approach for working mums and businesswomen is very much about understanding the unique challenges they navigate daily. This can include recognising the demanding schedules. Together we collaboratively create strategic wind-down routines, acknowledging the need for quick and effective relaxation techniques amid their bustling routines. This will also include setting boundaries with technology and  promoting a mindful transition from work to home. Stress place a big part in poor sleep and so stress management techniques are explored and practiced so they can be seamlessly integrated during the workday.

Within any change management, fostering a balanced approach is critical and therefore looking at nutrition guidance aligns with their fast-paced lifestyle, offering easily accessible and nutrient-rich options is also very much part of the sleep work. Other elements include workplace sleep environments where possible, with ergonomic setups and relaxation elements can all help to reduce the stress of poor sleep. Here  we explore strategic napping practices for energy boosts without compromising night-time sleep. Where possible we look at small changes in effective time management strategies to balance work, family, and personal time. And finally, we consider the benefits of and encourage connections within the community of working mums and businesswomen to help foster a supportive environment.

My approach strives to not only improve sleep quality but also empower these remarkable women to navigate their well-being within the dynamic fabric of Dubai’s professional scene and most importantly for my clients to know that I care very deeply for their wellbeing.

Tell us about the sleep retreat program and events you offer. How do they differ from your regular coaching sessions?

The Sleep Retreat Program is so exciting in that it is meticulously crafted to redefine the  sleep experience and but also with a goal to elevate overall well-being. A very fundamental part of the Retreat was to explore the  science of sleep through in-depth workshops. We organised our clients to engage in hands-on sessions with specialised therapists, curated activities supporting sleep enhancement, and worked alongside a nutritionist and the Chef to curate a menu that would support and optimise sleep. Another very important aspect of the Retreat was to learn about supplement and there benefits, embrace mindful sleep practices, and receive personalised consultations for creating an ideal sleep environment. Ultimately the Sleep Retreat was to create a realistic awareness but very much from a holistic perspective so the clients could leave with some very real transferable tools and knowledge to support not only their sleep but also their wellbeing.

This differs from individual coach primarily due to the wonderful facilities and it being part of an extended program.

Nurture 2 Sleep is at such an exciting part in the growth of our company and other events include partnering with corporations, schools, or individuals at home and yet our primary focus is always on education. This could include engaging workshops, interactive events, and personalised consultations to build the communities awareness- and I see this more and more – people want to know how to sleep better!

How do you stay updated with the latest research and techniques in the field of sleep coaching?

In my goal for staying current in sleep research and coaching techniques here in Dubai, my love for learning is the driving force. I regularly engage with reputable online sleep science journals and publications to ensure my knowledge is as current as possible.

I was very privileged to attend the Sleep Symposium and speak at the even in the USA 2 years ago and last year I was invited to speak at the inaugural Children’s Mental Health Symposium in Ireland. By attending these international conferences and webinars this allows me to connect with global experts and absorb diverse perspectives.

I am also enrolling in online courses and certifications to ensures a continuous deepening of my knowledge. I am also part of the Global Wellness Institute and am affiliated with the University of Arizona Behavioural Sleep Medicine Faculty. Ultimately this enables me to provide the best service I can to my clients.

Can you provide an example of a challenging situation you faced as a sleep coach and how you resolved it to achieve positive outcomes for your client/patient?

Just the very issue of being sleep deprived brings many challenges but I recently navigated a challenging scenario with conflicting parental views on sleep coaching for their toddler, I had to really guide the parents to identifying their objectives for the sleep work.

I emphasised a unified, evidence-based approach and thankfully despite initial tension, I tailored the sleep plan to accommodate both parents’ preferences and moving more slowly with the Sleep Coaching. I worked at giving more support, which included educational resources for my family. Here I was able to show my holistic and science-backed approach in my sleep work. In these situations I am often really challenged to review my work – which is a good thing so that I do not become complacent as my mantra and Nurture’s is very much “ to do no harm”.

In what ways do you collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide holistic care for your clients/patients?

Having lived in Dubai for a number of years have collaborated with a number of healthcare professionals and Partnered with paediatricians and family physicians who support my holistic approach and yet provide a trusted point of contact if there are underlying medical conditions impacting sleep. Working closely the team at Mygallery where we have seen some wonderful outcomes with Ayurveda Medicine and I am presently working n some very exciting collaborations – watch this space!

How do you manage the balance between being supportive and holding clients accountable in their sleep routines?

When clients and families reach out to Nurture2sleep, they are sleep deprived and often emotional. Therefore balancing support and accountability for clients’ families in Dubai ,involves setting clear expectations collaboratively, offering consistent support, and establishing achievable goals is an important part of the initial consultation. I also work hard to encourage open communication as the devil is very much in the detail and frequently review the goals set together, builds for a successful sleep outcome.

What strategies do you use to ensure long-term success and sustained improvements in your clients’ sleep patterns?

The most important strategy with all my families and clients I work with , is trust. When I start from a place of integrity and knowledge this builds on the long term success for my clients and families. Providing a comprehensive approach intertwining practical and holistic strategies is also paramount. This involves continual education on the significance of sleep and its enduring health impacts, along with personalised sleep plans that accommodate cultural nuances and individual preferences. Although not an easy task is Dubai due to the fast paced culture and long working hours, the  establishment and adherence to consistent sleep schedules, coupled with creating a sleep-conducive environment, form the foundation of my sleep work.

Other strategies include Integrating mindfulness practices, nutritional guidance, and regular physical activity contributes to overall well-being. Of my clients and families. I also place a lot of importance on  recognizing the unique stressors faced by working parents in Dubai and so stress management techniques become integral.

A consistent line of open communication fosters ongoing support and adjustments as needed, while community connections provide shared experiences. Finally maintaining flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances, ensures I maintain my holistic and sustainable approach to guide my families and clients in promoting enduring improvements in their sleep patterns for the long term.

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