Glam Up Your Look with SHEGLAM: Chroma Zone 2.0 Reigns Supreme in the World of Sparkle  


Glam Up Your Look with SHEGLAM: Chroma Zone 2.0 Reigns Supreme in the World of Sparkle

With an exhilarating announcement, SHEGLAM unveils the highly anticipated upgrading of its flagship Chroma Zone collection to the all-new Chroma Zone 2.0. Three years ago, the Chroma Zone captivated the beauty industry as SHEGLAM’s best selling products, setting a trend of accessible multichrome makeup, captivating beauty enthusiasts  worldwide. Now, unleash an enchanting  glow with the  spectacular colors and innovative formulas of the brand new Chroma Zone  2.0 collection!

Introducing the Chroma Zone Multichrome Flake Gel — a trio of mesmerizing shades set to launch you into the stratosphere of shine with Mayhem Mothership, Hypnosis, and Cosmic Pearl. Prepare to amplify your brilliance to astral levels as these pigments morph and captivate with a prismatic dance of color that commands the spotlight. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience as you add depth and dimension to your cheeks or eyes, infusing your look with an explosion of ever-changing hues.

Our Multichrome Flake Gel is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for, magically transforming under different light sources. Alone or harmonizing with other products, it gives you the power to show your artistic brilliance like never before.

Discover the transformational Chroma Zone Multichrome Gel Liner, where each application is the beginning of a chromatic adventure. These liners are more than color; they’re an experience, changing hue with the angle of light. It’s not magic, it’s the wonder of multichrome.
Available in three shades: On a Trip, Pixels, and Whirlwind, these liners turn every blink into a statement, adapting to your world and wardrobe with unprecedented ease. The Chroma Zone Gel Liners redefine dynamic eyes for an everyday enchant.

Embark on a mesmerizing makeup journey with the enchanting Chroma Zone Full Collection Set, including of three dazzling eyeliners and three luminous highlighters we’ve viewed previously. Plus, every set is adorned with a sparkling diamond sticker, echoing your inner radiance.

Don’t miss out on this chromatic wonder. Visit SHEGLAM now and indulge in the full spectrum of colors that the Chroma Zone Full Collection Set offers. Let your beauty shine, one duo-chrome shade at a time!

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