Explore the Dynamic Flavours of Japan at TŌRI


Explore the Dynamic Flavours of Japan at TŌRI

Dual-concept venue, Around The Block & TŌRI bring a piece of Japan to Al Wasl

Situated in Dubai’s growing culinary hub, Around The Block in Wasl 51 has long been a crowd favourite, standing out with its unique dual-style concept, the venue is a journey of taste & adventure. During daylight hours, Around The Block brings guests a taste of hearty international breakfast & lunch options featuring in-house specialty coffee from different origins that have solidified the name of the brand within the coffee community. As evening falls, the venue takes onto a moody feel, introducing the Modern Japaneasy Eatery TŌRI – a feast for the soul.

where the food takes the centre stage. TŌRI brings the heart of Japan to the Dubai where century-old dishes loved by the world have been re-introduced with a slightly newer, yet still amazing twist.

Every single one of TŌRI’s dishes are a stand-out experience, some of the highlight items on the menu include a succulent Salmon Carpaccio, saturated with the ideal amount of house sesame ponzu sauce, ensuring the taste of fresh salmon is not overpowered, making the dish a must-try. Another one of TŌRI’s highlights is the Crab Salad, carefully topped with tortilla and adorned with avocado and sesame dressing, mixed together to introduce the perfect marriage of unique flavours that will leave the guests wanting more.

In addition to the tasteful Dragon Roll, Mushroom Rice Hot Stone, and Wagyu Burger, amongst many other offerings, TŌRI at Al Wasl has an exclusive dedicated ramen bar that perfectly captures the essence of soul food, instantly transporting gastronomes to Japan. The Spicy Beef Ramen, Chicken Shoyu Ramen, & Spicy Ramen, float in an exquisitely delicious broth, blending perfectly with vegetables and ajitama eggs making them a must-try. Similarly, the Brothless Goma Ramen offers the same warmth to those looking for a healthier option, made with plant-based meat, ajitama eggs, and topped with bok choy. The best-seller Indomie, embellished with rock shrimp & chorizo attracts the same attention, making the Ramen Bar one to try out.

Step into Around The Block & TŌRI’s re-imagined world as they bring the comfort and intensity that transcends boundaries, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience for all.

For bookings and inquiries, please call +971 4 342 8000 or email ATBWASL@atbdubai.com

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