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Women leadership in male dominated IT sector


Globally Kingston’s workforce is 58% female, even more interesting as we are an IT company which is traditionally a male dominated industry. At Kingston we have so many female role models in management and director levels, that we sometimes forget that in other companies and countries women are still facing being treated different to their male counterparts. As a global company we deal with many different cultures and hope that we do our part to continue the positive trend, where women are seen for the characteristics that they bring to a role.

Most challenging Women Leadership

I have been lucky enough to work for Kingston for over 20 years in a variety of roles. I love the speed of the IT industry, things change quickly, in marketing probably more than any of the other department. I love the challenge of keeping up with it and trying to be one step ahead.

Most engaging

Seeing all our marketing teams working together on a campaign is very satisfying. Their individual hard work comes together into a successful marketing campaign that all departments are able to use, and the results speak for themselves.

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