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Women Changemakers: Hospitality Sector


Women Changemakers: Hospitality Sector

Shilpa Mahtani, Chief Business Officer at bnbme Holiday Homes by Hoteliers

Women are playing a transformative role in the hospitality industry, serving as changemakers and reshaping the landscape of this dynamic sector. With their vision, leadership, and innovation, women are bringing positive changes and driving progress in various aspects of the hospitality field.


1 . Leadership and Representation: Women are increasingly assuming leadership positions in the hospitality industry, from hotel general managers to restaurant owners and executives in hospitality corporations. Their rise to influential roles is breaking traditional gender norms and demonstrating that women are just as capable as men in leading successful hospitality enterprises.

2. Redefining Guest Experience: Female changemakers are redefining the guest experience in the hospitality industry. Through their keen understanding of customer needs, they are introducing innovative concepts, personalized services, and inclusive offerings that cater to a diverse clientele. This focus on guest satisfaction enhances the overall hospitality experience.

3. Promoting Sustainability: Women in the hospitality industry are often at the forefront of sustainability initiatives. They are driving efforts to reduce waste, implement eco-friendly practices, and source locally produced goods. By incorporating sustainability into their businesses, they contribute to more environmentally responsible and socially conscious hospitality practices.

4. Empowering the Workforce: Women are empowering the workforce by promoting diversity and inclusion within hospitality organizations. They champion equal opportunities, fair pay, and work-life balance, creating an environment that nurtures and supports employees. This leads to a more engaged and motivated workforce that ultimately benefits the guests.

5. Fostering Culinary Innovation: In the culinary aspect of hospitality, women chefs and restaurateurs are making significant strides. They are breaking barriers in fine dining, street food, and every culinary niche in between. Their creativity, unique perspectives, and fusion of diverse culinary influences are revolutionizing the way we experience food and dining.

6. Leveraging Technology: Women in hospitality are embracing technology to enhance operations and guest services. From digital booking platforms and contactless check-ins to AI-driven guest support, they are leveraging tech solutions to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and deliver a more personalized experience.

7. Entrepreneurship and Boutique Hospitality: Women are increasingly venturing into entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry, opening boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and unique lodging concepts. Their ventures often focus on authenticity, personalization, and immersive experiences, challenging the traditional hotel model and providing guests with more authentic and memorable stays.

8. Advancing Event Management: In event planning and management, women are revolutionizing the way gatherings, conferences, and celebrations are organized. They bring creativity, attention to detail, and a strong sense of community, resulting in unforgettable and impactful events.

9. Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility: Many women-led hospitality businesses are actively engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives. They collaborate with local communities, support charitable causes, and work towards uplifting marginalized groups, making a positive social impact beyond the confines of their businesses.

10. Mentorship and Networking: Female changemakers in hospitality are proactive in mentoring and networking with other aspiring women professionals. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, they inspire and encourage the next generation of women to pursue careers in the industry, further diversifying and strengthening the sector.

As women continue to rise as changemakers in the hospitality industry, their influence will further shape the sector’s future. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and guest satisfaction is driving a positive transformation, making the hospitality industry more dynamic, relevant, and welcoming for all.

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