Unlocking #HerAmbitions: Second edition of TikTok Creator Hub to empower women in business


Unlocking #HerAmbitions: Second edition of TikTok Creator Hub to empower women in business

  • TikTok to support women entrepreneurs in MENA with second edition of Creator Hub
  • Program to unroll in three phases, involving announcement, elevator pitch, voting, workshops and panels, and awards

TikTok MENA announces the launch of the second edition of The TikTok Creator Hub, a program aimed at spotlighting women-led businesses and fostering an environment that encourages their growth. This innovative program will be rolled out in a competition format, allowing participants to showcase their unique talents and business acumen, while highlighting about the remarkable contributions of women in the business world.


The program will culminate in a grand awards ceremony in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the achievements of these exceptional women leaders will be celebrated.

With UN Women being part of the judging panel for the TikTok Creator Hub, the program’s primary goal is to identify and nurture the business talents of women entrepreneurs in the MENA region. Guiding female entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey, as we rally behind the women-business community. “We’re proud to collaborate with TikTok on this empowering journey. Together, we are working towards helping women-led businesses flourish in the MENA region, making a significant impact in the world of entrepreneurship,” said Susanne Mikhail Eldhagen, UN Women Regional Director for the Arab States region.

The program will provide participants with unique opportunities, including mentorship from successful female leaders, guidance on using content creation platforms to promote their businesses, and a chance to engage with like-minded women, creating a strong support network. Inspirational female entrepreneurs from across the region will thus have a chance to come together to enjoy plenty of funding, learning, mentorship and networking opportunities.

TikTok will also promote this year’s Creator Hub initiative using the hashtag #HerAmbitions, highlighting the invaluable role women play in the business landscape. Female entrepreneurs in the MENA region can share their stories, inspire others and be part of a supportive community that celebrates women in business. The competition format thus not only recognizes the potential of women entrepreneurs but also empowers them to share their creative and entrepreneurial ideas with a global audience. Through the program, participants will gain access to other successful female leaders, gaining insights, advice, and guidance on enhancing their entrepreneurial skills.

On the judging panel, the competition will feature renowned creators and entrepreneurs such as lifestyle influencer and businesswoman Karen Wazen; culinary expert Chahrazad Al Hajjar, founder of Chahrazad’s Cuisine The Bakery; Doaa Gawish, CEO and founder of The Hair Addict; and Montira Narkvichien, UN Women Chief of Communications for the Arab States region.

A capacity-building program that not only aims to foster a supportive and collaborative environment for female entrepreneurs, the TikTok Creator Hub will also enable them to upskill and thrive through a well-rounded support system, and through it, the tools, knowledge and resources to upskill.

By encouraging business ambitions in MENA region women, the Creator Hub will ultimately help the chosen entrepreneurs to reach a wider market and build their brands further.

Speaking about the exciting initiative, Kinda Ibrahim — General Manager of Operations, TikTok Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Pakistan and South Asia — said, “TikTok believes in the boundless potential of women entrepreneurs in the MENA region and is dedicated to creating an environment where their ambitions can thrive. The second edition of The Creator Hub #HerAmbition is more than a competition: we’re setting the stage for these remarkable women leaders to shine and inspire others. The #HerAmbitions campaign will recognize the incredible role that women play in the business landscape. Through this initiative, we aim to amplify their voices, share their inspiring stories, and build a supportive community that celebrates the power of women in business.

The second edition of the TikTok Creator Hub will unfold through three dynamic stages. Phase 1 will kick off in-app, with the launch of the initiative announced through the #HerAmbitions hashtag and a captivating video featuring inspiring female entrepreneurs and creators. Participants will share an elevator pitch of their business, and TikTok users will vote for their favourite entrepreneurs.

Phase 2 will see live workshops and panels, featuring members of the judging panel including Karen Wazen, Chahrazad Al Hajjar, Doaa Gawish and renowned industry experts offering insights, advice and guidance to participants on enhancing their skills. The panel discussions will be live-streamed through TikTok’s official accounts and are set to explore the transformative potential of content creation in elevating career prospects, unlocking fresh avenues, and bolstering personal branding. In addition, they will underscore the paramount importance of harnessing the capabilities of social media platforms to spotlight and magnify professional accomplishments, forge connections with peers and industry leaders, and establish a formidable online presence for female entrepreneurs.

For the grand finale stage, a closing ceremony will take place in February in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where finalists will showcase their businesses, for a competition to be overseen by a judging panel. Winners will receive monetary prizes, with the first-place winner awarded US $10,000, and second and third places each receiving US $5,000.

With the aim of demonstrating the platform’s utility and contribution to the creator economy, the second TikTok Creator Hub is all set to uplift female business creators in the region and mark a new era of digital content economy in the MENA region, playing a vital role in enabling and upskilling users.

TikTok Creator Hub was first launched in 2022, with last year’s program based around Climate Change and unlocking plenty of opportunities for new talents and contributing to the region’s burgeoning creative economy through a similar competition format.

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