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Travel Mess Free with Bumblebee


Travel Mess Free with Bumblebee The perfect feeding option for families on the go!

Travelling with babies is a parental feat in itself, and one of the biggest headaches and concerns when flying, or visiting unfamiliar places is feeding time. Forward planning is essential, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have something familiar, nutritious, and readily at hand for your little one when it’s time to eat. Baby food from Bumblebee is the perfect option for families on the go. The fresh and healthy ready-made meals are designed for easy transportation and mess-free feeding. The products are ideal to fit into your regular bags or into your airplane carry-on luggage. 

Travelling with Bumblebee meals make your journey stress-free by limiting preparation time and giving your babytasty, balanced meals right when they need them. All Bumblebee food is carefully developed using the expertise of a child nutritionist and a certified chef to ensure maximum benefits and flavor, so that there will always be something your child likes.  The meals are all safe to store for your travel journey, without the food getting spoilt.

Bumblebee makes travel easy, safe in the knowledge that your child stays fed, with easy options that provide a balanced diet with great flavours and options:     


Tropical Blast

Sweet-toothed little ones will love this! Tropical Blast contains pineapple, kiwi and banana, is filled with nutrients and aids with digestion. fruity, healthy goodness!

Avocado, Kale and Peas

Healthy fats are hidden in a pouch that is filled with avocado, kale and peas and sweetened with apples to support healthy growth.


Beetrott Chicken

Introducing more texture and flavors to your little one? This pouch would be a great start! Chicken contains protein and calcium to nourish your baby.

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