The 25 Most Comfortable Heels to Wear for Hours and Hours


Heels for your Comfort

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself becoming pickier and pickier with the heels that I wear. I’ve given away my towering stilettos, cleaned out my pumps, and largely narrowed down my lineup of summer sandals. Only the most comfortable heels make the cut.

I’m not the only one who’s giving up aching, blisters, and bruising to prioritize more walkable shoe styles. “Many customers are tired of purchasing heels that they can’t actually wear for hours at a time,” footwear designer Sarah Flint tells me. “They want beautiful shoes that make their lives easier.” She adds that high-quality craftsmanship and materials are the two key elements all comfortable heels share: “Look at details like the shape of the insole—where the arch support hits, how the padding feels, does it mold to your foot properly.”


I try to have a range of heights and styles for the necessary weddings, parties, or work meetings, knowing that not every type of shoe will offer the same level of support. Lower heels tend to be more comfortable overall, but when the occasion calls for a sky-high shoe, I look for arch support or extra padding in the footbed. Similarly, chunkier heels tend to offer more stability than thin ones. Still, I can’t resist a skinnier heel at times. In those cases, I may opt for a lower heel height or a wider heel base.


While I usually shop online and may not be able to try on every pair in person, I’ve had good luck finding the most comfortable versions of the shoe styles I need. (And when all else fails, I still have band-aids handy). Ahead, I’ve handpicked a few of my comfortable heels for every occasion, and included insightful customer reviews. These shoes are so accommodating, you won’t dream of taking them off.

A round toe and stretchy back make this shoe expertly designed for days at the office or running errands, when you’re on the move and need to be comfortable and dressy all at once.

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