Beauty is an all-encompassing feeling. For Peter Hawkings, it extends from the perfection of tailoring and the lustrous sheen of fabric to the intensity of smell, from the depth of color in make-up and the allure of a pair of sunglasses to the way a woman or a man carries themself. Hawkings expresses such a vision in the TOM FORD language, with unremitting focus, vibrant and concise. Empowered, glamorous people are elegantly attired to seduce. The woman and the man are complementary, one mirroring the choices of the other.

The Winter 2024 collection depicts, once more, a strong and confident character who dresses with sharp immediacy, pushing the TOM FORD ethos forward. The silhouette is long and elongated with textured accents – fringing, cut outs, slashes and treated skins. Signatures are reiterated in the juxtaposition of tailoring and flou, of exacting precision and louche abandon. Blazers and blousons are paired with shorts as wide as miniskirts. Military inspired coats are strict and sexy. Dresses, either long or short, cover and expose. High-heeled shoes, neatly designed clutches and square-framed sunglasses enhance an ultra-glamorous mood

The controlled palette of black, navy, and white is punctuated with vibrant shades of purple, from Parma to ultraviolet, and lusciously lit with gold, as a whole surface or as hardware. Materials add depth, invite touch: voluminous felt, moleskin, patent leather, bouclé wool, light satin jersey, wool and silk twill, lustrous barathea, slubbed velvet, silk and canneté wool, wool and silk tailoring.

The woman that comes forward is strong and confident, with the edge of Françoise Hardy and the stature of a Helmut Newton Pola Woman. She is enveloped in the scent of vanilla, has smoky eyes and a nude lip, she is in charge: free to be as dressed or undressed as she wants to be, glistening. The slickly-attired man at her side is just like her: they share the faultless tailoring, the touches of gold, the military coats, the evening sequins. He too is a glamorous character, in sharp suits, trousers, tuxedos and in leather which he loves to wear: elegant trench coats or full look.

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