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Think Pink … Iconic Brands Lush and Mattel Launch Limited-Edition Barbie™ Collection, Pink Is A Symbol Of Empowerment For ALL


Think Pink … Iconic Brands Lush and Mattel Launch Limited-
Edition Barbie™ Collection
Pink Is A Symbol Of Empowerment For ALL

We couldn’t resist bringing these two icons together – Barbie x Lush. Pink is powerful, and the limited-edition Barbie x Lush Collection celebrates the colour in all its glory.

We know that a trailblazer like Barbie settles for nothing but the best when it comes to her self-care routine, and Lush is a trailblazer itself when it comes to fresh, handmade, cruelty free and minimally packaged cosmetics. Lush also has many strong females at its helm, for example Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine invented the beloved bath bomb in 1989 in her garden shed and today the brand sells 1 bath bomb per second globally!

The Barbie x Lush Collection offers a complete range of self-care in Barbie’s quintessential pink hue, meant to be used and loved by everyone looking to reclaim the colour as a symbol of empowerment, daring, and being fearless.

“Partnering with an icon like Barbie is truly a dream come true for Lush. Barbie continues to push boundaries and doesn’t let anyone underestimate her abilities. We imagined what Barbie’s self-care routine would look like and created this range, meant to be used and loved by all. The collection is for everyone who wants to embrace the power of the colour pink!” explained Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush Cosmetics.

With everything they do, Lush strives to offer customers the freshest cosmetics and the ultimate waste-free shopping experience. The Barbie x Lush Collection is made by hand, using the highest quality ingredients that leave the world a little bit lusher. The assortment features ‘naked’ products that don’t require any packaging – from soaps, to bath bombs to bubble bars. Lush is leading the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold to the consumer without any packaging. Products in packaging will be part of the brand’s closed-loop recycling program, Bring It Back, which encourages customers to bring their empties to a local Lush shop for AED 5 off their same day purchase, or five empty pots for a free Fresh Face Mask.

The Barbie x Lush Collection will be available exclusively on the Lush app on August 10th, online, and in Lush stores starting August 17th.

The Lush x Barbie Collection

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Bath Bomb


Sparkling pink waters with skin-softening ingredients bring your bath time dreams to life! Drop this iconic B into the bath and watch it fizz and froth up, creating sparkling pink bath water. It has a bath melt heart made of organic cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut cream for a luxurious soak that conditions skin, so you’ll emerge feeling relaxed, soft, and smelling sweet.

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Pink Shampoo 

75AED 110G

150AED 265G

250AED 535G

Make hair feel fantastically soft and shiny with marshmallow root infusion and fresh strawberry and lemon juices. This pink pigmented shampoo may tint very light or porous hair, so we advise you not to toy with it. Rinse from your hair and surfaces immediately so that all you’re left with is shiny, deliciously scented locks. Please note, if left on dry hair that is bleached, very fair or white, it could turn hair pink; don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Jelly Mask


Plan a home spa day with friends and have some fun with this pink jelly mask. Just pinch off a piece and work it into a paste between your hands, then smooth over your skin. Calming calamine powder, soothing rose absolute, and deep cleansing kaolin clay will leave your skin feeling fresh and beautiful!

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Body Balm


Follow your dreams to soft, sparkly skin with our limited-edition body balm made in collaboration with Barbie™. Made fresh with organic butters, hydrating oils, chocolatey-scented ruby cocoa liquor, and heaps of glitter to make your skin smell incredible, feel soft, and shine bright!

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Dream Sugar Scrub 

75AED 140G

150AED 290G

Scrub up with swirls of sugar, moisturizing butters and brightening citrus oils to make skin feel unreal. Just scoop up a handful of this thick, squishy scrub and massage into the skin. Exfoliating caster sugar is balanced by skin-softening Fair-Trade organic cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil to cleanse and hydrate. The citrusy scent of lemon myrtle and Persian lime oils, along with a dash of glitter, will leave you with bright skin and a sunny disposition!

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Perfume

150AED 30ML

Spread kindness and confidence with a spritz of this fun, fresh perfume. Just like our seasonal Snow Fairy, it has a super sweet, pink scent to bring a bit of magic to your day. The cherry notes of almond essential oil, along with comforting Tonka and sweet wild orange, create a fruity, happy-making fragrance.

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Handbag Soap


Get all the must-have soapy accessories from our Barbie™ collaboration, including this pink handbag. Handmade with our palm-free soap base, a juicy rhubarb and custard scent and added Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to ensure skin stays soft and hydrated after washing.

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Heel Soap


Wash up in style with this fashionable pink high heel made in collaboration with Barbie™. We make these heels by hand with our palm-free soap base, a yummy rhubarb custard scent and Fair-Trade organic cocoa butter to leave skin feeling soft and smelling sweet. It’s pink, it’s iconic and it’s only here for a limited time.

Barbie x Lush: Barbie Boombox Soap


Lather up and rock out with this limited-edition Boombox Soap made in collaboration with Barbie™. Handmade with our palm-free soap base, a juicy rhubarb and custard scent and added Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to moisturize skin. Soft, sweetly-scented skin? It’s music to our ears!

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