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The Wow Effect Revamps Virtual Business Emporium to Empower Small Businesses


The Wow Effect Revamps Virtual Business Emporium to Empower Small Businesses

Virtual Business

The Wow Effect, a trailblazing venture committed to supporting small businesses, is on the verge of re-launching its online networking and virtual business emporium. Rooted in a decade of entrepreneurial experience, the platform aims to provide simple, profit-driving solutions tailored for small business success

Founder Nadine La Reine’s journey has been marked by resilience and determination, overcoming severe domestic abuse and navigating through dark moments of suicidal thoughts. Having extricated herself from a controlling relationship which saw her held by her neck at knifepoint against a wall at 9 months pregnant, Nadine embarked on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. 

This harrowing, life-altering experience ignited the development of resilience and an unyielding determination to reclaim her sense of self. Unapologetically authentic, Nadine has emerged from the shadows, demonstrating incredible tenacity and a firm belief that anything is possible. 

Over the past 14 years, she has single-handedly raised two children with complex needs, and navigated her way through various self-employment ventures, including cleaning, decorating, interior décor, and house staging. Her focus was to build back a life and working environment that allowed her to earn whilst gifting her the flexibility to look after her family. 

During the lockdown in 2020, she founded The Wow Effect, initially solely offering virtual speed networking events. Due to client demand, the business has subsequently developed to additionally offer a virtual business ‘pick and mix’ emporium that provides a range of software solutions to help small businesses thrive. 

As The Wow Effect shifts its focus to memberships and additional services in 2024, Nadine remains committed to simplifying the business journey for small business owners. The platform offers intuitive services for technophobes and tech-savvy individuals alike, with a suite of offerings such as digital magazines, chatbots, Google review collections, and one-page website development—all aimed at helping businesses make more money and save time. 

Nadine La Reine believes in turning her experiences on their head to assist others in their entrepreneurial journeys. A firm believer in the power of creativity, Nadine emphasises the importance of empathy and active listening in her approach with clients. The Wow Effect is not just a business; it’s a manifestation of Nadine’s determination to empower others. 

In her own words, Nadine shares, “Admittedly a work in progress, I want to use my different life experiences to help others. Creativity, the ability to convert a brief into delivery, empathy, and active listening to extract key brief factors are crucial. At The Wow Effect, I am the brand, and I encourage everyone to buy into themselves because it’s essential.” 

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