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The HVN, Your BODY…your HEALTH…your FUTURE


The HVN, Your BODY…your HEALTH…your FUTURE

Moments from the buzz of Knightsbridge sits London’s newest and most elegant sanctuary dedicated to ‘Conscious Wellbeing’. The HVN (www.the-hvn.com) not only sounds heavenly but once inside its doors you are cocooned in warmth, wellness, care and luxury. 

The HVN brings a whole new meaning to wellbeing, dedicated as it is, to encouraging its clients to take responsibility for their own health with the help of a myriad of therapists, specialists and doctors.  The ethos of The HVN is that each one of us can take control of our bodies, how they feel, look, react and behave – all we need is a little encouragement from experts.  And these experts can be found at The HVN.

Merging state-of-the-art research and treatments with centuries old practices and traditions of ancient cultures this holistic haven is unrivalled in the capital.  From the latest in laser technology to the soothing healing of ayurvedic knowledge via the newest understanding of gut health and rejuvenation techniques, The HVN is literally a one-stop shop for all you need to maintain your wellbeing.   Each programme is bespoke and personally planned by a select group of nutritionists, aestheticians, osteopaths, acupuncturists plus a plethora of experts following an initial consultation with a medical practitioner.

And while integrated healing is paramount at HVN, comfort and care are also vital.  Filled with light, surrounded by organic shapes and sculptures and enhanced with tones and textures alongside elements of nature, the entire ambience is designed to calm and relax.  Its extraordinary urban take on Forest Bathing is an enhanced amalgam of circadian lighting, woodland aromatics and natural sound with the introduction of special birdsong, which not only promotes relaxation, but can help lower blood pressure and enhance immunity.

A heightened experience of relaxation – ideal for the seriously over-stressed survivors of the Covid generation – can be found in the Cocoon Room which houses the only Hydro Bed in the UK.  Here, succumbing to the heat and comfort of a warm water mattress a selection of envelopments, exfoliations, massages and therapies can bring solace and repair to tired bodies and exhausted minds.

The HVN may be just seconds from all that’s exciting in Knightsbridge but it’s an introduction to another place – a new pathway to the conscious wellbeing we all owe our bodies and minds for a totally healthy future.


The HVN was founded by beauty industry veteran Muriel Zingraff, who is the destination’s CEO. Zingraff is the former CEO of luxury fashion house Paco Rabanne and spa brand Aromatherapy Associates, and also worked for L’Oréal, Jimmy Choo and Harrods.

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