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Thailand’s amazing new chapters in 2023


One of the key outbound destinations for Middle East travellers, Thailand will be participating at the Arabian Travel Market once again this year under the theme, “Visit Thailand Year 2023: Amazing New Chapters.” The focus is on sustainability, health, and wellness. As a new chapter for the country, Thailand will celebrate “Visit Thailand Year 2023” this year and next. Throughout the year, visitors from all over the world are encouraged to experience Thailand’s “Amazing New Chapters.”

Going green is now a mandate, not an option, in Thailand’s tourism sector, according to industry leaders and analysts, as tourism authorities said that they expect to welcome as many as 25 million visitors this year.

Yuthasak Supasorn – TAT Governor reiterated, that responsible tourism and sustainability in tourism will be the main direction in the future. “Earlier this year, Thailand Tourism announced 17 sustainable tourism goals divided into four main categories to be incorporated and serviced over the year and beyond. From sustainable development goals it goes on to sustainable tourism goals, which focus on awareness, education and accessibility, the second main criteria is the socio-economic way in which the inclusivity and development of local sourcing to waste management play a key role. Thirdly the aspect of developing cultural strategies such as promoting sustainable destinations and local communities and the last segment which is the impact of environment a key factor in supporting tourism climate action and promoting land tourism ecosystems. The growing interest of the Middle East market in sustainable travel, shopping, health and wellness activities, we wish to deliver fresh travel experiences through Thailand soft power 5F: Food, Fight, Fashion, Film, and Festival, while highlighting Thailand’s strength in nature, and Thainess. TAT aims to create a meaningful travel experience that will not only be meaningful for travelers, but also for the local communities and the environment. In terms of the ATM exhibitors, we will have a total of 46 exhibitors from Thailand participating in the event.”

He further shared the visitor numbers from the region, “In 2022, Thailand welcomed approximately 314,882 Middle East visitors, with nearly 100,000 visitors from Saudi Arabia, and around 66,000 visitors from the UAE. Visitors from the Gulf countries have a high average length of stay and daily expenditure. For example, in 2019, visitors from the UAE had an average length of stay of 11.14 days, while Thailand’s overall average was 9.26 days. The average daily expenditure of UAE visitors was more than 220 US dollars, while the overall Thailand average was 166 US dollars.”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will focus on promoting Thainess, Happiness, Sustainable, Balanced, and Equitable growth. Our campaign aims to attract both first-time and repeat visitors to experience the “Thai Way of Happiness”. We will then encourage them to share their experiences on social media with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. By focusing on the idea of “forwarding messages” in the online world, we will offer promotions to promote this practice. This will help raise awareness of Thailand and attract future visitors.

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