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Tara Rose Kidd : Once you have the right mindset, nothing gets in the way


Tara Rose Kidd, entrepreneur, beauty educator, keynote speaker, and personal development advocate

“I am passionate about developing my team and nurturing their mental well-being because I struggled without support myself for so long. It was when I invested in personal self-development that my business became a success. Once you have the right mindset, nothing gets in the way.”

Tara is a prominent figure in the region’s hair and beauty industry and the Founder of Tara Rose Salons. Over the last decade, she has transformed her life, overcoming mental health battles to build a business that incorporates five salons and employs over 80 staff.

Tara Rose

Tara started her career as a hairdresser in the UK and despite falling in love with industry, she lacked purpose and self-worth, which soon affected her work. She moved to Dubai in 2009, but the problems persisted. Only when Tara took the leap, getting a loan to launch her own salon in Abu Dhabi in 2015, she realised it would never be a success without addressing her mental well-being.

This milestone also meant a steep learning curve in learning how to run a business. Tara committed to gathering as much knowledge as possible from other founders, immersing herself in online courses, self-development, and entrepreneurship books. She is constantly learning and leads by example; when something pushes Tara out of her comfort zone, she seizes the opportunity to tackle her fears. 

The decision to start her first salon was driven by wanting to put the satisfaction of clients and staff first – something she felt was missing elsewhere. In turn, prioritising people over profit has led to continued growth with a 148% increase in sales and 152% increase in the number of employees over the last five years.

Having experienced the huge difference it made in her life, Tara invests heavily in mental health support and professional education for her employees. As a creative child who felt let down by a schooling system, she focuses on empowering people to challenge limiting beliefs and unlock their potential in a thriving industry. Tara believes that with plenty of ambition and talent, the right mindset, and a great work ethic anyone can turn their lives around and make an impact.

She currently owns four salons: two in Abu Dhabi in Khalifa City A and Saadiyat Al Mamsha, one in Dubai’s Motor City, and the Blowout Bar, which is co-owned and located on Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile.

The next twelve months will see Tara opened her fifth salon combining hair, beauty and education in one space, as well expanding into areas such as e-commerce, talent acquisition, and training.

Tara has won several awards including the Business Director of the Year Award by Professional Beauty GCC and Global Hair Personality Award by Hall of Wellness. She is also a sought-after speaker for beauty industry events, entrepreneurial gatherings, self-empowerment workshops and personal development seminars.

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