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Shelley Bosworth founder of Shelley Bosworth Coaching


Shelley Bosworth founder of Shelley Bosworth Coaching

Shelley Bosworth is an international business and mindset coach and the founder of Shelley Bosworth Coaching. She helps female leaders to master their mindset so they can stop standing in their own way and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Shelley Bosworth

After completing her A-Levels, Shelley was keen to start working and applied to several management training schemes with major retailers. She received five acceptances, including one from Harrods. Shelley joined the famous Knightsbridge department store, quickly progressing to Assistant Buyer. This was the start of a twenty-year career in retail and hospitality, working in store operations and head office operations for household names such as Woolworths, Waterstones, Tesco, and Starbucks.

By 2018, Shelley was responsible for 3,000 staff, travelling around the UK and working 80- 90-hour weeks. In many ways, she was thriving in a career she enjoyed but she knew something was missing.

When a series of major life events led Shelley to question her priorities in her 40s, she began working with a coach to help her navigate the way forward. Initially, Shelley saw coaching as a tool to enhance her corporate performance before realising that it represented an opportunity to step into a new career that she was truly passionate about.

Shelley studied for her Personal Performance Life Coaching Diploma with the Coaching Academy accredited by International Coaching Federation, and founded Shelley Bosworth Coaching in 2019. In 2023, Shelley moved to the UAE, where she works with women internationally to accomplish the success they deserve.






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