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Rumana Mowjee – Nurturing Joyful Growth at Gymboree Play & Music UAE


Rumana Mowjee - Nurturing Joyful Growth at Gymboree Play & Music UAE

Rumana Mowjee

In the heart of Gymboree Play & Music UAE, Rumana Mowjee, the Managing Partner and Master Franchise Holder, orchestrates a daily symphony of laughter and learning for children and their parents. The day unfolds with early mornings dedicated to meticulous equipment inspection and cleaning before opening the doors to excited families. Rumana, with a commitment to personalized engagement, greets regular visitors, interacts with parents, and welcomes new members to share their class experiences. Despite a bustling schedule, she finds time to participate in classes, drawing joy from witnessing the smiles and expressions of delight on parents’ and children’s faces.

What initiated the journey into Gymboree Play & Music for Rumana? The inspiration originated during her time in the United States, attending birthday parties where Gymboree’s staff skillfully kept children engaged and happy through music, games, and learning activities. Upon moving to Dubai, Gymboree became a top choice for a business venture. Overcoming initial challenges, Rumana secured the rights to bring Gymboree Play & Music to the UAE, becoming a pivotal figure in the growth and development of children in the community.

Looking ahead to 2024, Rumana is enthusiastic about the opening of the second Gymboree Play & Music location in Springs Souk, complementing the existing one in Al Barsha. The focus remains on serving local communities and contributing to the full potential of Dubai’s children. Initiatives include outdoor classes, new activities like baby yoga, and collaborations with partners such as Reel Cinema and Emaar to organize entertaining events for moms and kids. Building on the success of previous events, like the Halloween celebration at Springs Souk, they aim to host more events and collaborate with popular Dubai mom influencers to showcase the exciting activities at Gymboree.

Beyond her role, Rumana treasures family time, engaging in impromptu day trips and cooking together. Staying fit through gym workouts, beach walks, active involvement in her children’s school activities, and maintaining close ties with family in Kolkata, India, showcase her commitment to a balanced and fulfilling life outside of work.

In navigating the complexities of life and business, Rumana adheres to the philosophy of keeping it simple and sticking to fundamentals. She underscores the importance of outstanding customer service as a cornerstone for business success, emphasizing the commitment to meeting customer needs.

Rumana’s diverse interests reflect a well-rounded approach to life. A sports enthusiast, she enjoys tennis, golf, and swimming. Cooking serves as a creative outlet, involving experimentation with recipes and the joy of sharing meals. Traveling to immerse herself in different cultures and volunteering to give back to the community are integral components of Rumana’s life, showcasing her commitment to joy, growth, and community engagement. Her multifaceted endeavors contribute to a life that encapsulates the essence of balance, purpose, and celebration.

Quick Profile of Rumana

Rumana, a dynamic professional, serves as the Managing Partner and Master Franchise Holder at Gymboree Play & Music UAE. With an academic background from the prestigious University of Warwick, she holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master’s in Business Engineering, showcasing her prowess in both analytical and strategic aspects of business.

In her role at Gymboree Play & Music UAE, Rumana excels in various capacities. Her responsibilities encompass the intricate landscape of day-to-day operations, illustrating her adept organizational skills. Furthermore, her role extends to networking and relationship building, crucial components for fostering partnerships and community support.

One of Rumana’s favourite aspects of her position is spending quality time with the tiny students at Gymboree. This not only underscores her commitment to the brand’s ethos but also highlights her passion for contributing to the growth and development of young minds. By engaging directly with the students, she embodies the spirit of the Gymboree Play & Music philosophy, creating an enriching and nurturing environment for children.

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