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Romance Beyond Borders: Constance Hotels &Resorts for Arabian and Middle Eastern Celebrations


Romance Beyond Borders: Constance Hotels &Resorts for Arabian and Middle Eastern Celebrations

The ambience of Arab and Middle Eastern weddings sets them apart with their distinct cultural character, characterised by an intimate family atmosphere that demands utmost privacy. At Constance Hotels &Resorts, privacy and exclusivity take centre stage, deeply rooted in a profound understanding of the region’s culture and traditions. This luxury, secluded brand boasts seven unique properties scattered across the Indian Ocean, three of which offer exclusive private settings tailored to meet the requirements of GCC families.

Constance Lemuria epitomises seclusion; nestled on Praslin Island, an unspoiled haven with a sparse population and surrounded by three pristine white beaches, is a wedding utopia. The island’s untouched beauty offers an exquisite backdrop for celebrating eternal love. This resort spans three stunning beaches, including the renowned Anse Georgette beach, known among the world’s most beautiful, boasting an abundance of natural charm and serenity. Surrounded by Seychelles’ black rocks and lush greenery, this oasis becomes a haven of love and romance.

Constance Prince Maurice cocooned within lush greenery, offering an experience that transcends typical 5-star luxury. Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Mauritius, Constance Prince Maurice stands as a testament to natural beauty and luxury. Surrounded by pristine natural reserves and lush vegetation, this resort exudes unparalleled serenity and romance. Notably, the resort features an extraordinary restaurant that floats atop a tranquil natural reserve lake, as well as suites that stand on still above the lake, providing a unique and ethereal setting for a wedding reception.

Lastly, Constance Halaveli in the Maldives is an exclusive private island sanctuary surrounded by crystal-clear waters. This private floating dreamscape, designed in the style of a dhoni, the traditional Maldivian boat, rests within a shimmering lagoon in the North Ari Atoll. The harmony of clear skies, pristine waters, and idyllic white beaches forms the ideal setting for your enchanted wedding.

The resort itself comprises 86 villas scattered across this intimate private island. Each villa boasts a private plunge pool and either a terrace or balcony, providing guests with the opportunity to savour the breathtaking 360-degree views. Among these villas, 57 are perched above the water, while the rest are nestled along the sandy shores of the beach.

Every facet of Arabian and Middle Eastern weddings is catered to by these stunning hotels, from multi-day pre-wedding ceremonies to elaborate venue decoration. And, of course, the feast is provided, where the cultural richness of the Indian Ocean elevates the flavours, tastes, and overall atmosphere. High-quality beverages are offered, made with quality sourced ingredients that can stimulate taste buds and wedding joy at the same time. Fine cuisine is celebrated in its own way at each property in the group of hotels, with delicious produce sourced from exceptional local farms. From seasonal fruits and vegetables to coconut water and refreshing lemongrass juices. The excellent fruits of the islands are used to prepare fresh juices, not to mention the rich marine life of the Indian Ocean, from which seafood is sourced.

Constance Hotels &Resorts shine as beacons of luxury and privacy, perfectly suited for GCC families searching for the ultimate destination for their dream weddings. With unparalleled locations, top-tier amenities, and an unwavering commitment to complete privacy. For couples seeking an eternal love story in paradise, Constance Hotels and Resorts offers the ideal canvas to paint their perfect wedding day.

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