SHEGLAM's Vinyl Pop Color Palette

Reviving the Glamorous Vibe of the 2000s: Introducing SHEGLAM’s Vinyl Pop Color Palette


Reviving the Glamorous Vibe of the 2000s: Introducing SHEGLAM's Vinyl Pop Color Palettes

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of nostalgia with SHEGLAM’s Vinyl Pop Color Palettes. Inspired by the iconic design of CD players from the early 2000s, these palettes will take you on a journey back to an era filled with catchy tunes and daring makeup looks. Let your makeup transform into a captivating fusion of vibrant colors!

Vinyl Pop Color Palettes offer three distinct CD record-inspired styles, allowing you to spin the dial and select your preferred vibe. Just as music speaks to your soul, your makeup becomes an expression of your unique style. Each palette features 8 shades, allowing you to unleash your imagination and compose a symphony of stunning looks. From metallic foils and frosty shimmers to bold mattes and creamy textures, these palettes offer a wide range of options.Primer-infused formulas can be used with the shimmer shade to add a radiant,dewy finish. Prepare to explore the depths of your creativity as you skillfully craft breathtaking looks that captivate and inspire.

Open the symphony of Sunkissed Reverie and unlock an intoxicating secret for your makeup. Inspired by the allure of a red velvet CD player, the palette’s packaging seamlessly merges with the golden brown records. Featuring 8 mesmerizing shades of gold browns, including neutral mattes, deep mocha, and sanguine red, this palette invites you to unleash your creativity and craft dazzling looks that radiate a sun-kissed glow. Whether you crave a warm sunset-inspired look or a mesmerizing retro eye, Sunkissed Reverie fulfills your every desire.

Time to change your tune! Immerse yourself in the romantic melodies of Rose Sonata. This captivating palette showcases a delicate balance of 8 enchanting shades, each inspired by the beauty of roses. From soft ballet slipper pinks to deep maroon creams, this custom collection embraces the exquisite spectrum of rosy hues. With a harmonious blend of glistening metallics, velvety mattes, and creamy textures, Rose Sonata invites you to embrace the symphony of rosy tones and let your imagination soar.

Indulge in a sensational color journey with the Color Me Crazy Eyeshadow Palette. Boasting 8 dynamic and vivacious shades, featuring rainbow mattes and dazzling metallics, this palette is a true spectacle for your eyes. Whether you’re soaking up the sun at the beach or embracing the excitement of a wild night out, let your makeup mirror your spirited and adventurous nature. Unleash your boldness with captivating looks that demand attention and showcase your fearless attitude. Embrace the exuberant and colorful side of life with every swipe of these electrifying shades.

Vinyl Pop Color Palettes have officially launched, featuring three stunning color combinations, each offering eight shades.These palettes boast rich textures and remarkable versatility, making them an essential choice for makeup enthusiasts. Discover them on SHEIN or the official SHEGLAM website, where they are priced at an affordable range of $7.49 to $7.99, providing vibrant and eye-catching options.

Don’t miss out on these exciting palettes! Elevate your look, express your style, and make a statement with Vinyl Pop Color Palettes. Start your colorful journey today!

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