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OnPoint Staffing Celebrates Third Anniversary of Connecting Talent Through Its Portal and Creating Partnerships


OnPoint Staffing Celebrates Third Anniversary of Connecting Talent Through Its Portal and Creating Partnerships

OnPoint Staffing, a trailblazer in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, proudly celebrates its third anniversary of revolutionizing part-time opportunities and empowering professionals. In just three years, OnPoint Staffing has achieved remarkable milestones with a turnover of 1 million AED per month and a strong presence in the UAE, connecting talent, building strong partnerships, and earning the trust of prestigious clients worldwide.

Since inception, OnPoint Staffing has made a significant impact by assisting a dedicated selection of 10.7 million clients and part-timers. By offering part-time staffing solutions for a diverse range of events, concerts, and weddings to corporate gatherings and promotional activations, OnPoint Staffing has become a go-to partner for 640 successful events within the region.

OnPoint Staffing’s commitment to excellence has resulted in the successful placement of 4,001 part-timers, including hostesses, hosts, promoters, waiters, waitresses, runners, retail staff, models, ushers, bartenders, and barmaids. With an extensive database of 9,000 part-timers from different nationalities, backgrounds, and age groups, OnPoint Staffing has championed diversity and inclusion while fostering an environment of equal opportunities.

Its ease of operations is attributed to the OnPoint Portal, the company’s proprietary technology platform, which serves as a cutting-edge solution, streamlining the management of candidate profiles, client requirements, and job placements. With OnPoint Portal, clients experience efficient candidate matching, assignment tracking, and seamless communication among all stakeholders.

Through its unwavering commitment to core values and a client-centric approach, OnPoint Staffing has garnered the trust and loyalty of numerous reputable companies. Notable clients include Dyson, Damac Properties, Cartier, Disney Plus, and the Government of Abu Dhabi, among others. With an average of 30 to 40 clients per month, OnPoint Staffing continues to expand its reach and provide exceptional staffing solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

Its success is built on a strong company culture that prioritizes integrity, ethics, and transparency. The team is known for its collaborative and innovative spirit, consistently delivering tailored solutions and exceeding client expectations. By fostering employee growth and development, OnPoint Staffing empowers its team to provide outstanding service and stay ahead of industry trends.

Entering its fourth year of operations, the company remains dedicated to its vision of revolutionizing part-time hiring in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. OnPoint Staffing has made significant contributions to the industry, and its impact extends beyond borders, having provided support to UAE clients in places like KSA and Lebanon.

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