Nourish, hydrate, plump naturally:  MissPalettable welcomes LA’s award-winning clean beauty brand  Manifest Beauty to its portfolio


Nourish, hydrate, plump naturally: MissPalettable welcomes LA’s award-winning clean beauty brand Manifest Beauty to its portfolio

MissPalettable, the premier e-beauty platform celebrated for its meticulous selection of clean and sustainable beauty products, is excited to announce the debut of Manifest Beautyto its ever-growing portfolio. Geared towards empowering individuals to embrace their best selves, ManifestBeauty’s lip products offer a natural and 100% clean beauty experience that nourishes, hydrates, and naturally enhances their most beautiful facial feature.

In this latest launch on MissPalettable, Manifest Beauty’s three iconic lip-plumping oil shades, along with its acclaimed Clear Lip Oil, take centre stage. Promising natural lip replenishment, vibrance, and smoothness, the products are designed to help users manifest confidence and embrace their unique individuality. The three shades—222 Chocolate Chili, a deep, rich brown shade, 555 Scarlet Flame, a bold, fiery red, and 444 Spicy Rose, a sophisticated rose hue —blend beauty and well-being to enhance radiance for everyone. The Clear Lip Oil, as the name suggests, is a transparent formula enriched with Columbian chili and cinnamon extracts in jojoba oil.

MissPalettable continues its unwavering commitment to curating clean, vegan products suitable for individuals of all skin types. Manifest Beauty aligns with this vision by empowering women to embrace their best selves through high-vibration beauty experiences. MissPalettable continues to pioneer the beauty industry, consistently redefining the landscape with innovative and sustainable handpicked products. Emphasizing intentional curation and the promotion of slow beauty, MissPalettable remains dedicated to providing a thoughtful selection of beauty products that resonate with the values of modern consumers.

Manifest Beauty lip oils can be purchased individually at AED 109 each or conveniently ordered as a trio of shades for AED 273 directly from the MissPalettable website. For more information, or to purchase, please visit: https://misspalettable.com/

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