Nokia: ‘Age of AI comes with opportunities but also responsibilities’


Nokia: ‘Age of AI comes with opportunities but also responsibilities’

UAE’s open-source model, Falcon, ‘is on a par with ChatGPT and Google Bard’, Dubai Assembly for Generative AI hears.

Nokia Bell Labs’ Head of AI Lab Research said today the massive opportunities brought by generative AI also bring with them new responsibilities for businesses and governments.

Sean Kennedy, speaking at the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, discussed the complexities of developing AI technologies that emulate human thinking: “We are living in an age of AI, and with this comes a host of new opportunities, but it also comes with new responsibilities – we have to deliver these technologies in the most responsible way possible.”

In his keynote speech, ‘Testing AI’s Limits: Mimicking Human and Analytical Thinking’, Kennedy touched on real-world challenges where AI systems have faced difficulties. Such instances underscore the need for AI systems to think “outside the box” and continuously improve their decision-making processes, he said.

During a fireside chat, ‘The UAE Amidst the GenAI Revolution’, Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Executive Director and Acting Chief AI Researcher, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), shed light on the UAE’s pioneering role in the generative AI industry and the significance of open-source models.

Dr. Almazrouei shared insights into the development and impact of Falcon, an open-source Large Language Model (LLM) introduced in 2022. Falcon was designed to outperform existing models and make advanced AI technology accessible to a wider audience. Dr. Almazrouei highlighted the model’s remarkable capabilities, placing it on par with industry leaders like ChatGPT and Google Bard.


Dr. Almazrouei said: “Today, we are already at a global scale, and Falcon is a flagship generative AI technology around the world. Today, the UAE is in the frontier of generative AI industries.”

In a panel titled ‘Can GenAI be a Catalyst for the Fourth Wave of Entrepreneurship?’, the founders of Humanism, Daniil and David Liberman, said innovation in the generative AI space will predominantly happen outside large corporations. However, collaboration with big organizations, particularly regarding capital and resources, will be essential, they said.

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