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New community to support women in work launches in the UAE


New community to support women in work launches in the UAE

Professional development mentor Niki Mapouras-Hyder has established NMH to help women    re-enter the workforce or accelerate their professional growth

Here are some statistics that should make company leaders everywhere sit up and rethink their approach to hiring:

  • The World Bank states that due to gender inequality in lifetime earnings, the world is losing US$160 trillion in wealth (nearly twice the global GDP)
  • Julius Baer revealed that companies with more than 30% of women on their executive teams were significantly more likely to outperform those with between 10% and 30% women
  • 8 million women left the workforce during the pandemic – adding to the existing pool of women taking career breaks

Introducing NMH

Founded by professional development mentor Niki Mapouras-Hyder, NMH is a new community that facilitates the professional growth of women in the UAE by supporting those who wish to return to work after a career break or a leave of absence – or women taking the next step on the career ladder.

There are many reasons why women might need some time away from employment:

  • Becoming a mother
  • Moving to a new country
  • Going through a divorce
  • Experiencing illness
  • Caring for a relative
  • Suffering a bereavement

These situations can affect people’s professional identity, making them question where they fit in in the corporate world. NMH’s tailored solutions and upskilling strategies empower women by giving them the confidence to maximize their potential.

Niki explains: “There is a large pool of highly skilled women who feel excluded from the workforce during their life. This has a significant impact on their mental health and well-being, as well as corporate productivity and the economy as a whole. We need to make sure these women recognize their worth and we must encourage organizations to create diverse working environments that benefit both the employees and the business.”

Niki and her team conduct individual mentoring sessions covering several areas, including CV writing, personal branding, self-image, presentation skills, public speaking, and effective communication. NMH also hosts workshops, roundtable sessions, and networking events, bringing women together with senior leaders who provide practical advice.

On the corporate side, NMH helps organizations enhance their human capital with workshops for teams, enabling them to learn and grow while contributing to the company’s commercial development.

In short, women are being vastly underutilised in the world of work, and this short-sightedness translates to lost earnings for almost every sector globally. In the UAE one woman is on a mission to help redress the balance.

Plus, NMH provides ‘returnship’ guidance for employers, easing the transition of talented women back into the workforce and bridging the gap between individuals and leaders to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

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