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Neetu Agarwal- A Walking Miracle


Neetu Agarwal- A Walking Miracle

Double MBA in Marketing from India and Advertising from Boston, I went from the dream to be a successful corporate woman as a CEO or Managing Director of an advertising firm, to becoming a full-time spiritual teacher, healer and founder of Enlightening Souls. It’s been a transformational journey and I proudly practice what I preach. I take personal healing/reading sessions and teach and conduct workshops for Theta healing, Akashic records, Inner child, Tarot card reading, Dig deeper, Automatic writing and provide group meditations for Sound healing and Chakra balancing, all release negative thoughts and suppressed emotions, overcome stress in day to day life.

It was very heart-wrenching when I lost my mother, my support system on 8th December, 2020. I was at the peak of my spiritual journey at that time and her loss suddenly burdened me with too many responsibilities. Lack of compassion from people led me into depression. Dad and me decided to move from Dubai to Delhi on 1st October, 2021 as mom’s memories were too much to handle and just as I was getting back on track another lightning struck on 6th December, 2021.  Exactly a year later I got diagnosed with breast cancer due to all the trauma I had gone through in that one year.

It was 6th December, when I don’t know why I randomly self-examined myself. It was divine blessing that I randomly looked at myself in the mirror, and saw strange lump popping out on my right breast. I took immediate action by scanning myself and knew it was breast cancer. As a healer I was sure, because the first thing we are taught is to scan our bodies and I always trust my scanning but my human mind wasn’t ready to accept.

 On 11th December, 2021, I decided to go to the gynecologist with my father to clarify my doubts and to my disbelief, she suggested to urgently do an ultra sound. It was 85% confirmed. Doctor asked for an immediate biopsy. My world came to a standstill in one moment and I started crying helplessly not able to accept this shock.

We immediately left for Jaipur for another opinion when my test was going on, I kept asking the doctor. Is it true? Sobbing, crying, fearful, as if I was breathing my last breath, I asked, and he said “yes, its confirmed.”  My whole life ended in that one moment. I wish I could turn the time back. I kept thinking what did I do that led me to this state. What went wrong, why me? God can’t do this to me, too many thoughts. I almost died in that second. Nothing mattered anymore. I realized how life can hit you so hard that in one second your whole life takes a big turn. Cancer is such a big word and first word that comes to your mind is death.

Even after taking many more doctor opinions, I was told again and again that the only way to cure was surgery and I had to let my both breasts go because it has spread to my left breast too.  I told the doctor I was ready to die than suffer from the pain of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. I knew I won’t do this, I won’t go through the usual treatment, I can’t and I don’t have to courage to go through the sufferings. 

I went home, sat by myself, meditated and decided that I will definitely not choose to suffer from the pain of chemotherapy, radiations and surgery. I decided to heal myself and started looking at what created this cancer in me. In this process, I remembered my homeopathy doctor he assured me he would pull me out if I was ready to take that risk and chance. I was ready to take that risk, it was way better than dying with pain each day. I surrendered to the divine and to the power of healing and after that I never looked back.

In this process one thing I realized that doctors and people around you only create fear in you, which was exactly what they were doing to me, projecting their FEARS on me. I believe in miracles and knew I can change my life in spite of all odds, fears and trauma.

Eight months of rigorous healings through theta healing, tarot card reading, scanning, clearing limiting beliefs, emotions, trauma that created cancer, akashic records that cleared my past life karma, inner child, pranic and breath work all worked together to get me out of this traumatic situation. Breath work helped me release all stuck-up energies and trauma in my body along with homeopathy medicines.

Finally on 1st August, 2022 was a miraculous day when my pet scan came completely clear. It’s the biggest blessing, without any surgery, radiations, chemotherapy only by healing, divine grace, homeopathic treatment and my father and soul family’s love and support, I lead a normal life today.

Though the journey was not easy, these 8 months wherever I went they would say I am crazy; I am risking my life. I had my own fears too but that still kept going. Doctor would shout, no one was ready to listen. They weren’t to blame as they spoke from their experiences. I remember how scared I was, in the night I would wake up and cry, scan myself. I felt so blessed I was a healer and I could always connect to divine and ask. And I knew it will happen. It wasn’t easy but all I knew I will make it.

I am today inspiring and working closely with many women like me and empowering them to heal themselves through various healing modalities like Theta Healing, Akashic Records, Access Bars, Inner Child Healing, Automatic Writing and many more. It’s my aim to reach every woman suffering from breast cancer and educate her that without going through the pain of losing her breasts or surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, through alternative methods and healings, cancer can be cured. It’s time to break old patterns, the systematic way and overcome all fears and change our perspective. It’s time to experience the miraculous power of heal.

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