Interview with Lucy Bradley -Founder and Brand Commander of Plug


Interview with Lucy Bradley -Founder and Brand Commander of Plug

Lucy Bradley is Founder and Brand Commander of Plug, the tactical marketing agency she founded in 2007. The Plug team helps clients stand out from the competition and win more business by providing unique graphic design and branding solutions, creative marketing concepts, and targeted print and digital campaigns. Over the past 16 years, they have helped a wide range of brands achieve victory in the market, including Hansgrohe, Sensasia Spas, Natura Bisse, Chanel, VShakes, Street Maniax, Pizza Di Rocco, and Wofl.


How do you think women entrepreneurs in the GCC face unique challenges compared to their counterparts in other regions?

I’ve been running my own business in the UAE for 16 years, and there are fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs – male and female. The government is committed to creating an inclusive environment, and a lot has improved for women in business since I first launched Plug. However, I do know women who don’t feel they are taken as seriously as male business owners here. As a result, they choose a male business partner or recruit more men in leadership roles to represent them in certain situations. I think bias against women is still very much a global problem, which can be amplified when so many different nationalities and cultures work together in a competitive landscape like the UAE.

As a successful woman entrepreneur, yourself, what advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs in the GCC?

Ask yourself “Do I want to look good or actually be good?” Because there is a big difference. Consider whether you’re serious about generating revenue or going into business more as a hobby to keep busy; the latter will get you nowhere. And don’t forget the basics – know your market, do your research, and ensure you can sell what you offer.

What are some strategies that you use to empower and educate your clients and business owners to create effective marketing strategies?

We are unique in our approach because we concentrate specifically on tactical marketing. By tactical, I mean being highly targeted and having a clear plan with actionable steps to reach your ideal customers. We work with clients to create a dream list of people who would benefit from their product or services, develop ideas to help them stand out and then put those ideas into practice.

Can you share a specific example of how you helped a client overcome challenges and achieve success with their marketing strategy?

One of our recent success stories is Threadwerk, which runs sewing classes for adults and children. They wanted to inspire kids to put down their devices and pick up a needle and thread, so we created a campaign for schools where we sent principals a crafty gift. The owner was reluctant to step out of her comfort zone initially because we’ve become so used to communicating via email and reaching out online. But she soon realised how effective more thoughtful interaction could be. The brand got a 40% response rate and several schools included sewing in their curriculum.

In your opinion, what role does branding play in helping women entrepreneurs stand out from the competition and win more business?

Strong branding is absolutely essential for your business. It distinguishes you from the competition, communicates what you offer, and demonstrates why you’re the best choice. A good brand has a very clear message so that when people see it, they know instantly why they need you. On the flip side, generic branding makes you easy to ignore.

How do you ensure that your creative marketing concepts cater to the unique needs and preferences of women customers in the GCC region?

It’s all about knowledge, understanding your customers, finding out what they need and showing how you can solve their problems. Always emphasise what problem you are trying to solve in your storytelling.

What measures do you take to ensure that your marketing campaigns promote inclusivity and diversity?

We naturally create inclusive campaigns, but we also work with clients to make sure inclusion goes beyond the brand’s visuals. It’s about helping them understand who their audience really is, recognising the different subgroups and developing campaigns that resonate with a variety of people.

What is your next goal or aspiration for your business, Plug? How do you plan on achieving it?

My primary goal is to be the UAE’s first choice for tactical marketing. We want to focus on tactical support because that’s what gets results. In order to do that we only work with clients who are genuinely committed to growing their business and taking action.

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