Moonshine, DIFC’s Best-Kept Secret Speakeasy, Opens its Doors


Moonshine, DIFC's Best-Kept Secret Speakeasy, Opens its Doors

Behind the fridge door is a lunar speakeasy waiting to be discovered

Moonshine, the mysterious hidden speakeasy, is set to redefine Dubai’s nightlife with its opening in the heart of DIFC. The introduction of this concept marks another significant addition to GRIT Hospitality’s diverse portfolio of experiential F&B lifestyle brands. Tucked away behind a secret green fridge door, guests are invited to be transported to a new world where sophistication meets the unknown, where shadows tell tales and secrets are currency. Moonshine promises to be the undercover territory, where drinks are poured in whispers, and secrets find their way through the night’s embrace.  

In an ode to the hush-hush Prohibition era, Moonshine is disguised as DIFC’s friendly neighbourhood sandwich shop, but peek behind the fridge door and you’ll see there’s more than meets the eye. As guests step inside, they’re met by a mirrored corridor filled with lights that will take guests on a time transition from the 1920s to 2023. Inside Moonshine, guests are met with a world of enchantment with mesmerising interiors and radiant moons casting their luminous glow across the space.


The heart and soul of Moonshine lies in its meticulously crafted cocktails and bites. The team of expert mixologists have creatively curated each drink with precision and flair, where mainstream cocktails of the disco era are served with a modern approach. Guests can also indulge in perfectly paired nibbles and bites from a menu carefully crafted by Chef Riad, ensuring that each bite is a seamless companion to the expertly concocted drinks.

As the evening unfolds, Moonshine comes alive with beats from a stellar line-up of DJs, turning the venue into a late-night hotspot for party lovers. The carefully selected entertainment offers guests an escape into a world of mystery and adventure.

Moonshine is the embodiment of veiled pleasures and a place to honour the mysterious mumbles, so raise a glass to toast the obscurity – a Wise Guy will show you the way.

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