Miracleskin.ae Sets a New Standard for Summer Skincare with Its Revolutionary Cellstory Liquid Microneedling Treatment


Miracleskin.ae Sets a New Standard for Summer Skincare with Its Revolutionary Cellstory Liquid Microneedling Treatment

Summer is here, and although many of us desire to look naturally radiant, the rising heat and humidity make things difficult, causing us to perspire more and produce more oil and sweat, which can lead to a number of skin issues. To address these issues and achieve that desired glow while maintaining healthy and rejuvenated skin, non-surgical procedures like microneedling—known for its skin-renewing benefits—has become a popular summertime go-to. Now, MiracleSkin is revolutionizing this treatment with the groundbreaking Korean innovation Cellstory Liquid Microneedling Treatment.

The Cellstory Liquid Microneedling Treatment challenges traditional microneedling methods by eliminating needles and introducing its patented Microspear®️ technology. The conventional method of microneedling involves controlled puncturing of the skin using needles, which often results in discomfort and downtime. On the other hand, by utilizing its unique Microspear®️ technology, derived from freshwater marine sponges, Cellstory Liquid Microneedling provides a needle-free substitute. Sometimes called “liquid needles,” these spicules look like microscopic needles when viewed under a microscope and enable for non-invasive skin penetration without the need for actual needles. This innovation guarantees a bloodless application, which is a major improvement over conventional methods. 

Cellstory offers a complete solution that is comfortable in a city where summer heat exacerbates skincare issues like acne, pigmentation, eczema, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, and oiliness. It also emphasizes comfort and effectiveness by promising no downtime, instantaneous skin tightening, and a painless application. It is a major advancement that sets a new benchmark for summer skincare by reducing the risks associated with traditional microneedling and provides solutions for a range of issues with noticeable results after just one treatment.

The revolutionary Cellstory treatment is now available at Browns & Co Clinic, call 04 273 1555, AIG Clinics, 04 338 8979, or at Orskin Aesthetics Clinic, call 04 345 5520 for bookings and inquiries. For more information, please visit www.miracleskin.a






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