Minimalistic chic over bold beauty – here’s why the Nude Makeup trend tops the beauty charts


Minimalistic chic over bold beauty - here’s why the Nude Makeup trend tops the beauty charts

Nerissa Low, Founder and CEO of Liht Organics

The looks that dominated the boisterous dance floors and prom parties back in the 90s were full of over-the-top glitter eyes, bold glossy lips and metallic eye shadows. Though we were in awe of the dynamic choices our favorite fashion icons made back in the day, today the times and choices have changed. Be it fashion runways, celebrity appearances or the international red carpets; everyone seems to be opting for the subtle and timeless nude make-up look.

Bookmark for a Minimal Glam Beauty Avatar

The ‘barely-there’ makeup trend came much in action when fashionistas the world over decided to stay on top of the game by mimicking social media trends. The rule of the ‘nude’ arrived leaving bright hues at the doorstep and focusing on natural skin tones, for clean and simple looks. Foundations that stay loyal to the skin tone and a tinge of nude shades for the lips and eyes round up for glowing looks. For subtle makeup in the classiest way, lightly highlighted cheeks also do the trick.

Owning it like a celebrity

Even zestful celebrities with an inclination towards glittery looks and bold red lips have bid adieu to loud makeup to embrace nude makeup as one timeless appearance that gracefully owns up any moment to cherish. The torchbearer probably was singer, Alicia Keys who stepped out with a no-makeup look in 2016 and many A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kylie Jenner followed suit. The basics followed are simple and minimal – Prime to neutralize the face, apply foundation that matches the skin tone, contour with two shades darker than the skin tone, and use concealer two shades lighter than the skin tone.

Use nude colors in lipsticks that are two shades darker than your skin tone. The earthy browns and beige are too good to resist. However, to score dewy fresh looks, you can try pink or peach for a more occasion-worthy look. Finish it with a gloss to up the glamour game.

The eyes of course do all the talking. Keeping it smokey and subtle is key while clearly defined eyes can steer clear of nude makeup looks. Slight shimmer or dull gold does wonders for evening looks and for non-glam looks, smokey in rich earthy tones of brown with smudged eyeliner works well for all times.


Nude is now for everyone

Being done with acing the experimental looks to slaying the most unconventional makeup trends; women are now focusing more on ‘self-expression’.

The nude makeup trend is dominating women’s choices across professions and occasions too. Be it international singing sensations and actors on the red carpet or the corporate divas at the most coveted business meets; the nude makeup look is everywhere banishing stereotypes of makeup for particular occasions.

Nude shades are au natural and beautifully enhance the features for balanced looks. And from our experts’ desk, here are some tips as a beginner’s guide to nailing the neutral look.

  • For an ivory complexion, choose warmer nudes with pink undertones. Think light peaches and pearly pinks – they can add a healthy and subtle glow to an otherwise pale-looking skin tone.
  • Medium skin tone with red undertones can be tricky to play around with nudes. Warmer shades can make it look ruddy so plunge into the cooler beiges or light taupe for a uniform look.
  • Dark, dusky, and beautiful; they’re most compatible with nudes. Light brown undertones give a sheen finish for a glamorous glow.

Neutrals and ‘barely there’ make up shades come with endless possibilities, the idea is to get the basics right and keeping it as real as possible.

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