Melanina, a homegrown coloured contact lenses brand, Redefining, Self-Expression, and Positivity.


**Introducing Melanina**
Melanina, a homegrown coloured contact lenses brand, Redefining, Self-Expression, and Positivity.

Melanina, a homegrown contact lens brand, announces its grand entry into the world of vibrant and expressive eye colours. Born during the challenging period of the COVID-19 quarantine, Melanina is not just a brand; it’s a symbol of hope, positivity, and self-expression, aiming to redefine how people perceive beauty around them, through changing the lens in which we see the world.

At the heart of Melanina is a passion for crafting lenses with utmost care, ensuring not only absolute comfort and a change in colour but a transformative experience that goes beyond appearances. Rooted in Korean craftsmanship but with a global perspective, Melanina seeks to mirror the brilliance of every personality by developing products that allow individuals to express their true selves to the world.

The Founder Yara Al Najjar, explains, “Melanina is a way to help people see and enjoy the simple joys in life. Even in tough times, there’s beauty waiting to be rediscovered. “She also quoted “I have been using coloured contact lenses for many years, never loyal to any brand. That’s when I decided to address every need and create my own brand of coloured contact lenses.”

Melanina envisions creating a healthier generation that embraces individuality and radiates positivity, fostering a world where women feel confident and motivated to unlock their true potential, by being able to change their appearance based on their mood and what energy they would like to emit each day.

Melanina draws its inspiration from the captivating world of “Melanin” but with a touch of Spanish flair! It embodies the very essence of the pigment that brings enchanting hues to your eyes, hair, and skin. This Charm Collection is your personal journey to rediscover your inner beauty. Every personality, including yours, radiates charm when worn with confidence. It’s extraordinary to embrace different personas each representing a chapter of your life’s story.

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