LUSH, a Plant-Based Movement that Offers Super-Powered Routines


LUSH, a Plant-Based Movement that Offers Super-Powered Routines

*LUSH is a 100% vegetarian company with 95% of its all-year-round products counting as vegan and more products added regularly*

Being a purely vegetarian company for over 25 years, LUSH proudly shares its commitment to creating vegetarian and vegan products. LUSH was founded on the belief that effective and safe cosmetic products could be made without the use of animal fats or their by-products and that animal testing was entirely unnecessary as well as unethical. Currently, around 95% of its all-year-round (AYR) product range is vegan with more products being added every year.

Taking a firm stand against the practice of animal testing and sourcing or inventing safe alternatives has been a large and continual part of LUSH’s ethos. The brand makes every effort to ensure that the ingredients purchased are sourced responsibly, sustainably, and free of nasties such as genetically modified organisms (GMO) and pesticides. Co-founder, Mark Constantine introduced a supplier-specific boycott policy, which meant that LUSH would not purchase any ingredient from a supplier that tests any of its materials on animals, and hence all ingredients in LUSH products are from sources that have a strict no-animal-testing policy for their products.

Each year, LUSH advocates for and plays an active role in the global fight against animal testing. As part of its ongoing efforts, it recently went 100% Lanolin Free. Lanolin, a natural oil derived from sheep’s skin, is widely used in cosmetics due to its close resemblance to our skin’s natural sebum. LUSH replaced it with natural plant materials that provide similar benefits to the hair and body. LUSH is always looking for ways to improve, and it meticulously reviews its sources and works closely with farmers to improve animal welfare.

Here are our top three vegan picks from LUSH:

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub (AED 115)

If you’re using a chemical exfoliant, try this cult LUSH scrub instead for naturally gorgeous skin. Ideal for shiny or dull complexions, a blend of fine and hand-harvested sea salt provides medium to strong buffing action to stimulate skin cell turnover and deeply cleanse away dirt and pollution.

American Cream Conditioner (From AED 75)

American Cream’s an addictive blend of relaxing clary sage and calming lavender oils, softening honey, and a mouth-watering vanilla perfume is a cherry on top of the cake. Fresh strawberries and oranges encourage the hair cuticles to lie flat and reflect light for a seriously gorgeous gloss.

Hsuan Wen Hua Hair Treatment (AED 145)

This is an intense moisturising treatment for truly unruly or damaged hair with reparative, softening effects. It’s loaded with moisturising bananas and avocados and shine-enhancing balsamic vinegar to make hair look and feel healthy again. With scalp-stimulating cinnamon leaf and rosemary oils, it’ll leave your hair smelling like a spicy cup of chai.

For more information about LUSH and to keep up to date with the brand’s latest news, visit the LUSH MENA website.

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