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Keeping it Cool: Hisense Transforms Air Conditioning with Advanced Solutions for Ultimate Comfort and Efficiency


Keeping it Cool: Hisense Transforms Air Conditioning with Advanced Solutions for Ultimate Comfort and Efficiency

  • The leading global electronics manufacturer announces its latest energy-efficient, intelligent, and health-conscious air conditioning range
  • Innovative features, including WiFi control and advanced air purification, prioritize user well-being and personalized comfort
Air Conditioning

Hisense, one of the largest global consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturers, has taken an innovative approach to the future of air conditioning with its latest range of solutions, featuring increased energy-efficiency, heightened intelligence, and a greater focus on healthier living and comfort.

Aligning with Hisense’s core theme of ‘Innovation for the people,’ the new range of air conditioners includes advanced engineering and cutting-edge features, along with high-performance and reduced energy consumption, enabling users to save on utility bills, as well as minimizing environmental impact. Leveraging intelligent technology and internet connectivity, the user experience is further enhanced, with seamless control.

“Hisense’s smart air conditioners prioritize optimal indoor air quality through advanced filtration systems and effective air purification technologies, ensuring a healthier living environment,” said Mr. Tugrul Kumal, Deputy Director White Good, Hisense Middle East & North Africa. “With precise temperature control, adjustable airflow, and quiet operation, Hisense guarantees all-round comfort, enabling users to create their ideal indoor climate for peaceful and undisturbed spaces.”

The airflow control technology incorporates a lightweight fan design, high wind resistance duct design, and the ability to provide customized, comfortable airflow, delivering a premium cooling experience tailored to individual preferences. The inverter tech upgrade includes torque adaptive compensation and over-modulation control algorithms, enhancing efficiency and performance. Furthermore, Hisense has strengthened heat transfer technology with pitch compact heat exchanger fins, FLUNT auxiliary fins, and a bridge design, to maximize heat transfer capabilities and further improve the efficiency of its cooling systems.

In addition to its impressive features, the new range utilizes the MEA T3 Inverter. With a remarkable 61°C operation capability, the Hisense T3 inverter LCAC ensures instant cooling even in extreme temperatures. The inclusion of WiFi control allows users to conveniently manage and adjust their air conditioner from anywhere within or outside their homes, while the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which not only contributes to lower energy consumption but also has Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

“Hisense sets the standard for advanced air conditioning solutions that prioritize performance, efficiency, and user well-being. With our high-tech ‘Connect Life’ (APP) solution for smart homes, we are transforming the way people experience comfort. Our innovative air conditioning systems introduce fresh air into the room through layered purification, ensuring a healthier and more rejuvenating indoor environment,” added Tugrul.

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