Kayfi’s Enchanting Ramadan Collection: Holographic Oasis


Kayfi’s Enchanting Ramadan Collection: Holographic Oasis

Kayfi, the well-established modest-ish fashion brand, has come up with another mesmerising assortment of modest pieces in their latest Ramadan Collection called  “Holographic Oasis.” Witness a stunning capsule of vibrant colours, textured fabrics, reflective and shifting tones and modern designs in their refreshing take on modest fashion.

Inspired by the captivating allure of the desert, the Holographic Oasis Collection features a stunning array of fabrics such as knitted lurex, corduroy-look polyester rayon, satin crepe, organza, and printed satin. The colour palette draws from the mystical desert vibes, with Midnight Plum, Cool Matcha, Blue Lagoon, Pink Sorbet, and Electrical Indigo creating a harmonious symphony.

The collection showcases a range of modest yet contemporary pieces, including abayas, kaftans, dresses, tops, and trousers. Keeping the essence of surrealism alive, Kayfi introduces foil prints, colour-shifting fabrics, 3D textures, palm tree and nightscape prints, and rhinestone and glitter-detailed fabrics.

Holographic Oasis is the projection of traditional simplicity with the futuristic imagination. Kayfi continues its commitment to offering modern, modest fashion that resonates with diverse tastes.

“As we transition into the sacred month of Ramadan, we wanted to capture the essence of an oasis in the desert—a place of tranquillity and reflection. The Holographic Oasis Collection embodies the spirit of the season with its unique fabrics, enchanting colours, and a perfect blend of tradition and innovation,” said Sumra Gabriel, Head of Operations at Kayfi.

The modest-ish brand, known for its commitment to quality and style, invites customers to explore the Holographic Oasis Collection and embrace the beauty of Ramadan with sophistication and grace.

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