Transcend the ordinary at Zenon


Transcend the ordinary at Zenon

Are you on the hunt for a new lunch spot? We have exciting news from Zenon – the launch of the brand-new Pandesia Lunch experience, designed to elevate your midday dining to new heights. Your readers looking for new places to luncheon are sure to love this spot!

Whether you’re relaxing from a long day of shopping, or looking to escape the office, Zenon’s carefully curated menu and sophisticated ambiance provides the ideal setting for fruitful discussions and memorable moments. Indulge in a delectable array of culinary delights expertly prepared by Zenon’s talented chefs, while enjoying impeccable service and a welcoming atmosphere.

With options to suit every palate and dietary preference, Zenon’s AED 150 per person Pandesia Lunch promises to satisfy both your appetite and discerning tastes.

Borne of creativity and innovation, Zenon’s unique concept boasts a powerfully diverse culinary experience and a venue primed to leave a lasting impression, drawing influences from ancient mythology with an opulent twist. Not just a place to dine; Zenon is a journey into a world where innovation, art, and gastronomy merge seamlessly resulting in a concept that changes the way people think about dining. Zenon is a vision of the future that redefines the very essence of dining and entertainment. Zenon is located in the Kempinski Central Avenue, in Dubai Mall. 

Find out about Zenon’s new unique AED 150 per person Pandesia Lunch from 12pm – 5pm every weekday.

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