It’s All in A Day – IAIAD


It’s All in A Day – IAIAD is curated to celebrate fashion icons from across the globe.

It’s All in A Day offers a new energetic medium for diverse fashion giants in the region to be under one roof on the same day. The medium offers a great networking experience being an all-day event.

IAIAD is directed by Kevin Oliver, he’s an institution of fashion in the Middle East. He has been producing shows for the past 20 years.

He believes that fashion is immortal and is indirectly linked to all industries. He always produces shows that are new, technologically updated with a twist of art and theatre.

IAIAD is committed to curate a unique platform that brings together art, music, theatre and fashion to showcase the most innovative and exciting designers in the UAE. We aim to inspire and empower individuals through diverse shows that celebrate creativity, foster a sense of community, and promote the fashion industry in the UAE.

@iaiadofficial season 2 at The Agenda in Dubai Media City on Sunday June 4th.

Doors will open at 5 pm.

Shows Schedule:

6:30 PM  EZRA SANTOS @ezracouture

7:30 PM  VARION MARWAH @varoinmarwah

8:30 PM  PAVIT GUJRAL @pavitgujraldesigns

9:30 PM  HOUSE OF VICTOR @thehouseofvictor @martinalmasri

10:30 PM  AMATO @amatoofficial

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