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Introducing Orskin Aesthetics Clinic: Your Destination for Holistic Skincare and Wellness


Introducing Orskin Aesthetics Clinic: Your Destination for Holistic Skincare and Wellness

**This premium aesthetics clinic offers a bespoke, holistic approach to beauty and wellness**

Since its launch in 2020, Orskin Aesthetics Clinic has become one of Dubai’s leading holistic skincare and beauty services providers. The company has been setting new standards and is known for its individualized therapy programs and for using state-of-the-art technology. In only a few years, Orskin has emerged as the preferred choice for people trying to reach their aesthetic and well-being objectives.

Orskin Aesthetics is founded and headed by Orsolya Matheisz (fondly known as Orsi) one of the most sought-after aestheticians in Dubai. She leads a team of highly qualified skincare experts who have been trained in Europe, the US and Asia. Together, they provide exceptional care and deliver outstanding results through a comprehensive range of personalized treatments designed to address various skincare concerns. By combining modern technology with proven traditional methods, the clinic ensures the best possible skincare treatments for everyone. With a wide range of options that include laser treatments, aesthetic procedures, facials, slimming treatments and IV wellness, Orskin helps its clients look and feel their best.

Orsi has over two decades of experience in the skincare industry and her innovative techniques and holistic approach to skincare have earned her international acclaim. She completed her intensive cosmetology studies in Budapest and honed her skills through extensive training across Europe, the USA, and Russia. Her passion for skincare is evident in every aspect of her work. By opening a clinic in Dubai, Orsi has brought to the market the best skincare technology solutions using a down-to-earth yet high-end approach. She has introduced extraordinary facial protocols and revolutionary treatments such as Neurotris, the advanced microcurrent facial system that has captivated both clients and professionals.

Some of the clinic’s signature services include Advalight Laser, Neurotris Microcurrent Facial and Morpheus microneedling, to name a few.






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