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Introducing NOVU Rituals: The UAE’s First Homegrown Refillable Sustainable Skincare Brand Offering the Epitome of Affordable Luxury


Introducing NOVU Rituals: The UAE's First Homegrown Refillable Sustainable Skincare Brand Offering the Epitome of Affordable Luxury

  • Homegrown skincare brand, NOVU Rituals provides a sustainable beauty apothecary with a refillable solution
  • The high-performance natural, vegan & organic formulas include a cleanser, toner, glow serum, and hydrate cream, with products starting from just AED 85
  • NOVU Rituals is disrupting the throwaway culture of bathroom products by offering refillable options for customers
  • Starting from AED 68, the refills are 100% recyclable and reusable, as well as designed to require less energy to recycle and use up less space within the recycling process
  • Customers can also save 30% with a flexible monthly refill subscription offer
  • Available for purchase via the NOVU Rituals website, as well as Namshi, The Edit and Sukun Wellness, Ras Al Khaimah

Homegrown skincare brand, NOVU Rituals proudly emerges as the pinnacle of luxury and affordability in the UAE’s skincare landscape, offering a revolutionary approach to skincare with the climate crisis on its conscience and mindfulness in its every move. Founded by the visionary Mary-Anne Maguire, NOVU Rituals is poised to challenge toxic beauty standards prevalent in today’s society as it provides a reusable skincare system that reignites the connection between beauty, sustainability, and the power of nature.

At the heart of NOVU Rituals lies a profound commitment to promoting self-love and enhancing self-worth through skincare that transcends surface beauty. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the global beauty and makeup industry, Mary-Anne Maguire introduces a brand that seamlessly marries quality with sustainability without the hefty price tag.

Available for purchase from their dedicated website (, as well as Namshi, The Edit, and Sukun Wellness, Ras Al Khaimah, the NOVU Rituals line currently includes four unique products; cleanser (AED 100), toner (AED 85), glow serum (AED 250), and hydrate cream (AED 225). Once the initial NOVU Rituals products are purchased, there is no need to throw away the gorgeous bottles as NOVU Rituals provides unique refillable pouches; with the cleanser refill for AED 80, toner refill at AED 68, the glow serum refill at AED 200 and the hydrate cream refill at AED 180. The refill packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, designed to require less energy to recycle and use up less space within the recycling process. For even better savings, customers can benefit from a 30% discount off the original product price when they sign up for the NOVU Ritual monthly refill subscription, available at checkout. The monthly subscription is flexible, with customers completely in control to skip, reschedule, edit, or cancel deliveries anytime, based on their needs.

NOVU Rituals is driven by a mission to disrupt the throwaway culture of bathroom products to bring back the beauty of skincare when chic ceramic bottles and glass vials turned bathrooms into beauty apothecaries. NOVU pays homage to this golden era, reuniting the connection between beauty with the world’s. Every product is rooted in minerals and botanicals, captured in chic glass vials that represent a desire for a sustainable future, with a natural respect for Mother Earth. NOVU Rituals is consciously kind from skincare to worldcare.

Every NOVU product is made from purposeful, high-performance ingredients that work together in harmony to achieve superior results, including; coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sandalwood oil, acai berry, jojoba oil, lavender oil, bentonite clay, pomegranate, and rooibos tea. Crafted with high-performance vegan, organic, and naturally derived formulas, encapsulated in elegantly designed packaging, NOVU Rituals products are meticulously formulated to be without toxins, excluding dyes, parabens, synthetic fragrances, clogging oils, dyes, and SLS, ensuring a purity that resonates with discerning consumers. Moreover, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to cruelty-free practices, with absolutely no animal-derived ingredients used in any of its formulations, epitomising luxury while advocating for a profound connection between individual beauty and the world at large.

“Skincare is selfcare is worldcare,” proclaims Mary-Anne Maguire, encapsulating the NOVU Rituals ethos. Continuing to look to the future in its sustainable development, NOVU Rituals is working with its manufacturers to design plastic-free packaging for their refills, set to launch in 2025. By offering affordable luxury skincare, NOVU Rituals redefines accessibility in the realm of sustainable beauty, inviting individuals to indulge in premium skincare experiences at a competitive price point without compromising on quality or values.

Discover more about NOVU Rituals and explore the range of sustainable skincare solutions at and @novurituals.






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