Introducing Femique: Swedish-based Maternity Lingerie Brand


Introducing Femique: Swedish-based Maternity Lingerie Brand

Redefining women’s journey to motherhood

Femique is a Swedish brand designed to offer you comfortable yet beautiful nursing wear: day bras, night bras and nursing tops. Femique lingerie stands out by its combination of tastefully combining artful, alluring design and impeccable fit, allowing women to look and feel beautiful without compromising on comfort or style. The range of comfortable and skin-like lingerie is designed to offer support while allowing women to feel like their powerful, authentic selves. 

The Femique brand launched their first production in Sweden in 2020 by Angelique Fihn and Miriam Lindholm after 3 years of dedicated development and research with a mission to provide women who are pregnant or breastfeeding with lingerie that combines great design and fit via extensive quality testing and beautifully prime fabrics. Both Angelique and Miriam had felt the compromise during their own motherhood journeys and looked to create the brand they wished they could have bought for themselves and as such, Femique was born.

The Femique Story

Femique was created together by Miriam and Angelique. It all started during Miriam’s first maternity break when she started looking for the right nursing lingerie. She set about creating the nursing lingerie herself as she couldn’t find anything she liked. After meeting with Angelique that idea completely evolved, and she helped to create the brand and products from scratch and the online ecommerce website was born.

Femique’s goal is to redefine the industry with its fresh approach to women feeling their best in lingerie, especially during the stages of motherhood. With its innovative approach to celebrating self-expression and empowerment during this beautiful journey, Femique is on a mission to provide women with a powerful and seamless blend of comfort, support, and quality in their lingerie choices.

Supple clasps and soft finishes are made with lace that is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and with production in Europe, wearers are guaranteed high-quality materials and a friendly production. Often faced with a choice between nursing support bras that lack allure and lingerie lacking in nursing support, Femique addresses this common dilemma by offering a range that ‘seamlessly merges functionality with style.

“Motherhood is an intensely personal journey, one that should be celebrated as a symbol of strength and allure,” says the visionary Angelique Fihn, Creative Director “The essence of self-expression during this time, where a woman is at her most natural and exposed state, deserves lingerie that embodies the powerful essence and femme-fatale of motherhood.”


Femique is now available in the UAE online at www.femique.com with worldwide shipping offered. 







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